Does Nox Slow Your Internet? (With Fix)

nox internet slow
nox internet slow

Does Nox Slow Down Your Internet Connection?

With social distancing and working from home, an increasing number of people are relying on fast and stable internet connections for work, entertainment, and even education. However, none of this is possible when you encounter problems with internet speed, something that is an obstacle to your online experience. Even playing games on an emulator like Nox requires a stable and speedy connection for optimal performance. Following are the many issues that could be the root to your internet problem and ways to fix them, so you can get back to work or back to watching without slow speeds bringing you down.

Before applying any fixes, one should be aware that the problem could simply be the cause of too many Internet of Things devices connected onto a singular network. Devices like smart speakers, smart bulbs, security cameras, smart locks, and even smart fridges sit on the same Wi-Fi network and have their own distinguishable IP addresses and while they may not send and receive large amounts of data, they still connect to the network and slow it down considerably. You could upgrade your router to overcome any overburdened connections if you have numerous devices such as these in your home.

A speed test to check the current condition of your network is vital before starting to try to fix any internet speed problem. You need to know what speed exactly is your internet working to know if it’s being slow or not. Choose any major speed test site, and then cross-check those numbers with your package plan details to ensure you’re getting what you paid for. Do note that tests done during a time of day with extra bandwidth usage could yield a lower result, so would having downloads or streaming running in the background. If the results consistently show lower speeds to what you would normally be getting, it’s time to move forwards to troubleshooting.

The simplest and easiest method to employ would be to turn it off and on again. It may sound like general advice, but you may be surprised by how many times this actually solves internet problems. Simply unplug or turn off your modem/router for at least 10 seconds, and then turn them on again to successfully reboot. Browse online to check whether that helped boost your speed back up to normal.

Speaking of your router, it could be possible that your internet connection is fine but your Wi-Fi is bad, and decreased and obstructed signals could be the cause for your connectivity issues. Placement of your router is paramount to your Wi-Fi performance as some signals can be blocked by home appliances, large objects, or even concrete walls, and they affect the overall wireless speed of the network in regards to internet access.

You could move it to a freer and more unobstructed position or, if repositioning isn’t possible, connect directly with an ethernet cable for faster and more stable connection without any loss in data through transmission or upgrade your home with Wi-Fi boosters that can increase coverage throughout your home or office.

Your internet connection is shared by multiple users simultaneously and even then, there are still extra devices running apps or downloading large files while being connected to the internet, essentially slowing down the entire network for everyone connected. Someone could be streaming Netflix, downloading an update/DLC on their console, or downloading a BitTorrent file, where all these activities take up a considerable portion of your bandwidth.

Apart from upgrading your internet plan to something that can support all this easily, you can use the router QoS (Quality of Service) features to restrict certain types of internet download activities while giving higher priority to others, making it easier to manage limitations on your bandwidth and provide a better and faster online experience.

If all else fails, it is time to contact your Internet Service Provider and get their help on resolving your problem. You pay them for a working connection at a standard speed and it is their job to provide that for you, so can either work, play games on Nox, or just entertain yourself.

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