Does WiFi Cameras Slow Down Internet Speed?

does wifi cameras slow down internet speed
does wifi cameras slow down internet speed

Does WiFi Cameras Slow Down Internet Speed

When it comes to the security of your homes, IP cameras have a big role to play in keeping it intact with its Wi-Fi and wired cameras. Now the question arises if the wireless cameras slow down your internet to a greater extent or they slow the speed down barely. Well, the answer is yes, it does. Although the impact that Wi-Fi cameras have on your in-home internet connection is almost negligible that it can easily be neglected.

The technology is drastically rushing towards advancement. This advancement is directly proportional to the IP and Wi-Fi cameras getting more adapted to networks which is why they have very little impact on internet speed.

For instance, the H.265 and H.264 cameras perform the compression with the recording files to bring them into a smaller size. Although, the battery-powered Wi-Fi cameras use bandwidth when the motion is scanned through.

Why Do You Need Wi-Fi Cameras?

Security is everything in this technological era. Wired and wireless smart home security cameras have been manufactured to make the surroundings super safe and make it free from other hazardous attacks. Apart from being super secure, they are highly cost-effective. They consume negligible bandwidth but function quite well with their super-secure features.

There is no way that Wi-Fi cameras can noticeably slow down the internet connection speed. However, there is this one term called caution. When your in-home Wi-Fi internet connection is up to speed, the Wi-Fi camera security system could never be defunct. Although, if your internet speed is not sufficient then the Wi-Fi security cameras can cause optimal effects on your in-home internet speed. To smarten your home’s security, you need a good quality Wi-Fi security camera.

Once you made your mind regarding your in-home security Wi-Fi cameras, make sure that you are equipped with the following essentials before you invest in this wireless technology:

  • Internet speed fast enough to provide optimum support to wireless cameras.
  • Internet connection with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Everything that you would require to control wirelessly.

Factors Affecting The Wi-Fi Cameras Bandwidth Consumption:

The total bandwidth used by Wi-Fi security cameras is directly proportional to the speed of your internet connection. Factually, it is almost equal to nothing however even a slight impact can make quite a difference.

The bandwidth that lies with your Wi-Fi cameras varies with the following factors:

Compression Codecs:

The two most commonly used compression standards for the video surveillances are MJPEG/MJPEG-4 and H.264. Being the most established and well-known standards in the technology industry, they have major impacts on the data usage of your Wi-Fi security cameras.

Camera Resolution:

Camera resolution has a lot to do with your internet connection speed. How? A good quality camera will eventually offer good resolution images that will require more bandwidth. We know that the higher bandwidth consumes on internet speed. Therefore, it is safe to say that good camera resolution can take your in-home wireless internet down.

For instance, a 5MP camera will consume much more bandwidth than a lower MPs camera. Therefore, the higher the resolution, the slower the internet speed.

Frame Per Second (Frame Rate):

The frame per second or simply the frame rate shows the quality and standard of CCTV surveillance footage video. With the higher number of FPS, the quality would be even higher. Apart from that, FPS also influences your CCTV streaming data and thus the internet speed.

The number Of Wi-Fi Security Cameras:

Another factor that is abundantly associated with internet speed is the number of Wi-Fi cameras used in a single house.

The Internet connection speed required for Wi-Fi security cameras is 1Mbps or around 2.5Mbps. These resolutions are specified for higher quality videos. Therefore, you can employ tools that are easily available online such as the IP camera bandwidth calculator. This tool would help you to check out if the internet speed you have opted for, is suitable for your IP cameras to work for a decent video streaming.


Factually, Wi-Fi security cameras are not enough trafficked to slow down the internet connection. Therefore, WI-FI SECURITY CAMERAS WILL NOT SLOW DOWN YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. Especially, if one remotely accesses the Wi-Fi cameras through their smartphones, PC or other portable devices – the impact on internet speed is negligible.

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