Novatech Wi-Fi Reviews (3 Main Features)

novatech wifi reviews
novatech wifi reviews

As the demand for the internet grows, new networking working companies are emerging as good providers of internet service to you. When it comes to reliability, most users would trust big names like Netgear, Linksys, ASUS, and so on.

However, the new shots are not as bad as not giving them a chance. You might find a good deal with a less well-known networking company because they consider customer trends and affordability.

Some, however, may not be as genuine as they appear. Looking at customer reviews is a good way to interpret a company’s authenticity because they reveal a lot about the service’s performance.

Novatech Wi-Fi Reviews:

Novatech appears to be a new networking company that claims to provide networking equipment at reasonable prices. Not to mention their firewall routers and Wi-Fi range boosters, which have recently become popular.

Even though they are not a well-known brand in the market, they are still striving to provide you with the best services possible without spending a fortune on basic networking hardware.

However, we have seen the company being dragged into illegal business, which has been labeled as a “scam” online. According to statistics, the company has been accused of selling you faulty products or untrustworthy services.

However, we will investigate this matter and provide general Novatech Wi-Fi reviews as well as reasons why you should or should not purchase the Novatech Wi-Fi range. So, without further ado, let us get started on the article.

  1. Novatech Wi-Fi Firewall Router And Booster:

If you have a large home or a small office, you will need a well-protected and well-performing router. Even if you cannot find a good and robust router within your price range, you can always find a good alternative to meet your needs.

When it comes to low-cost hardware, the Novatech wireless router is an excellent choice. This router has four ports, making it simple to set up and install in your home.

Novatech can easily pair with a modem connected to the router’s WLAN port. This will provide you with a stable network. However, you will concede one area. It refers to the router’s speed.

Perform A Power Cycle On Your Modem

Novatech wireless router has an 802.11 g/b/n protocol and can provide a speed of 54 Mbps.

When compared to other competitive routers on the market, this speed is quite meager. However, if you have a small space with two or three clients, it will suffice.

Novatech also provides the option of connecting your wired devices to the router and extending your network. The wireless speeds are limited to 54Mbps, but the router offers a good 100Mbps throughput on the wired connection.

In terms of router range, it is not a particularly attractive option to consider, but Novatech wireless will provide you with a range of up to 280 meters. If you have a small space, you will have no problems using this router.

Furthermore, the router’s external antennas assist you in obtaining maximum signal strength at your location. However, if you have multiple clients, you will experience network congestion and range issues with some content.

When it comes to security features, Novatech provides a firewall to keep your network safe. You also get a good virus and privacy protection, so you can easily surf on your network without worrying about your privacy.

Novatech makes every effort to provide you with a good deal on networking hardware, but they do not provide anything except for an average router.

Though it will provide you with basic routing capabilities, it will not be as intelligent as other options available.

router antennas

Novatech also provides a Wi-Fi booster, which can be an excellent addition to your Novatech network.

This is because if you are only using the router for your network then you will find yourself getting short on the range of your network.

Many powerful routers may not be able to provide you with seamless coverage because the strength of the signals can vary due to multiple factors. As for the Novatech router, a little range booster will do your network good.

If you have a Novatech router, pairing it with a Novatech Wi-Fi booster can provide you with faster speeds as well as an increased range of your Wi-Fi.

Because your standard router is incapable of providing complete home coverage, particularly in the backyard or the basement where it has dead zones, a Novatech Wi-Fi booster can help.

Besides that, since the booster has plug-and-play technology you won’t face any issues setting it up on your existing network. With this, you can increase the range of your Wi-Fi up to 5 times.

Therefore, your network’s dependability and consistency are greatly improved. You can purchase more than one Wi-Fi booster, but you will not be able to add more than one to your existing network.

  1. Is Novatech Legit:

The interactive websites of a product can reveal a lot about its authenticity. If you are working with Netgear, Linksys, ASUS, or other reputable networking brands, you will not go to great lengths to ensure their legibility.

user reviews

This is due to the ease with which the user reviews on their website can be judged. When discussing Novatech, many users have expressed concern about the product’s legibility. You will not be missing any spots because it is a registered company.

However, according to the analysis, the company does not have a legitimate website. Though its products are available on major electronic purchase apps such as Amazon, the majority of them are out of stock despite their high sales figures.

Novatech cannot be accused of being illegal or fraudulent because it is a registered and licensed company. It’s just that their products may not work, which irritates users about their investments.

  1. User Reviews:

Although Novatech appears to have good sales statistics, the user reviews are unsatisfactory. According to our findings, the majority of users are dissatisfied with their service delivery and payment issues.

Even though the company claims to have working products on its website, the result is quite the opposite. Users have complained that their products do not function as expected.


According to their website, the device’s performance and functionality are insufficient. This reduces Novatech’s rating to a mere 3/5.

The Final Verdict:

Taking into consideration the specifications of Novatech Wi-Fi, you will not find yourself short on benefits and security if you have a small setup and just want a good internet connection to meet your daily internet surfing needs.

Even with a medium-sized space and Novatech wireless and Novatech booster combination, you will have a good and reliable connection. However, it may not be appropriate for multi-client environments.

This is because connecting more than four clients on your existing network may cause network congestion.

But according to its standing and legibility concerns, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product that has scam suspicions online, you might not want to invest in the hardware.

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