Is Spectrum Owned By Comcast? (Answered)

is spectrum owned by comcast
is spectrum owned by comcast

Most of the network carrier users often enquire about the ownership of various companies and brands. Why would they do so? Being a customer they have complete rights to know the background relations of the network carrier they are using. Coming towards the Spectrum company, its users usually get confused if the Spectrum is owned by Comcast. We would tell you that.

No, Spectrum in no way is owned by Comcast. Spectrum is the brand title for the internet, TV, and other cellphone services that are being offered by Charter, not Comcast. In this article, we have given much deep insight into these two companies along with the other services and brands they own.

Is Spectrum Owned By Comcast?

Spectrum doesn’t belong to Comcast in any way. Factually, Spectrum is a branding name owned by Charter Communications. On the contrary, Comcast is owned by Comcast Corporation. The reason they are not owned by each other is that they are two completely separate companies. It would be better if we say that Comcast and Spectrum are two major telecommunication competitors in America.

Comcast and Spectrum are the two largest American cable and internet providers due to which they give quite a tough challenge to each other. However, both of these giant names own several other holdings which makes them two big names when it comes to internet service providers. Moreover, there is no way that these both companies are planning for are the acquisition of Spectrum by Comcast or vice versa. That must be enough for you to understand how the acquiring and owning works.

In the coming sections of the article, we will be discussing the holdings and owning companies of Comcast.

By now, you must have a clear vision of the ownership of the Spectrum brand. Let us give you a proper understanding of both of the companies.

What Is Spectrum?

Spectrum is a brand name of Charter Communications. This company is an American telecommunications and mass media company offering numerous services to its consumers and businesses. Charter company has been providing all the services and bundle offers under the branding of Spectrum.

What Is Charter?

Charter Communications, Inc. one of the leading broadband connectivity companies that are known for their top-notch carrier performance and fast connectivity. The Charter broadband provides cable operating services to more than 29 million customers in 41 states under the branding of the Spectrum brand.

Just like other advanced communications networking companies are doing, Charter company has been offering a full range of residential and business Cable Internet services. These services are brought to its customers via Spectrum Internet, Spectrum TV, and Spectrum Mobile & Voice.

What Is Comcast?

Comcast is recently registered as Comcast holdings. Comcast Corp. also is known as CMCSA is an American-based global media and technology conglomerate. The Comcast company was founded back in the year 1963 when a small subscriber cable system was purchased in Tupelo, Mississippi. Keep in mind that, that small subscriber channel is now one of the leading conglomerates in the USA.

That small subscriber cable company has been majorly incorporated under the brand name of Comcast. Times back, Comcast had its first public stock offering in the year 1972. With a reasonable period, Comcast has persistently grown to be a leader in media, entertainment, and technology.

Coming towards the main question that has been asked, we would say that, not Spectrum, but there are many other companies owned by Comcast.

Companies Owned By Comcast:

Following is the quick description of all the companies that Comcast has acquired. Although, we would say that Comcast has not always snapped up every company it has acquired. However, you can say that it kind of remained successful in owning them anyway.

  1. AT&T Broadband:

Comcast acquired AT&T in the year 2002 hoping that it would make its joint cable provider a leading communication and entertainment company.

  1. NBCUniversal:

NBC Universal was acquired by Comcast half in 2011 and the rest of it in 2013.

  1. Sky:

Comcast significantly defeated out their rival Disney by acquiring Sky in 2018. This acquisition aided Comcast to get its brand expanded internationally.

  1. DreamWorks Animation

Comcast acquired DreamWorks Animation back in 2016 and it now consists of Comcast’s Filmed Entertainment business.

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