7 Easy Solutions To Nextbook Wi-Fi Authentication Problem

nextbook wifi authentication problem
nextbook wifi authentication problem

Connecting from smartphones to tablets to computers everything is at your fingertips. Wireless connections are simpler to manage than wired connections, and problems can be resolved without the need to search for hardware flaws.

Though they can be a source of problems Wireless connections can be greatly influenced by configuration issues, interference, and network protocols. This is why the majority of wireless internet problems are related to configuration issues.

Nextbook Wi-Fi Authentication Problem:

With their exclusive tablet features technology, Nextbook is one of the most popular tablet manufacturers. This tablet will provide you with excellent performance, a powerful processor, and a plethora of integrated features ideal for online activities.

Having said that, connecting a Nextbook to a wireless network is simply because the procedure is similar to that of a smartphone or a PC.

However, there has recently been an increase in the number of complaints about the Nextbook Wi-Fi authentication issue. You may have also encountered this problem when your tablet refuses to connect to Wi-Fi and displays an authentication error.

Because validating authentication is part of your network security, you can’t argue because the device may have encountered some threats, which is why it’s acting this way.

So, if you’re experiencing Nextbook Wi-Fi authentication issues, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will look at some troubleshooting options for the problem.

  1. Forget The Network:

Your Wi-Fi is protected by a password, which is used to keep your network private and prevent unauthorized access to the network. As a result, you have network security.

However, if your Wi-Fi SSID frequently displays an authentication problem, this indicates that the Nextbook is unable to authenticate the password you have entered.

It could be the result of entering an incorrect password. Or your Wi-Fi connection may have timed out when you connected to a different network, or your password may have been changed.

As a result, if you switched to data accidentally and now the network requires you to enter the security key again, you can easily solve the problem by forgetting the network.

You may also want to disable the auto-connect feature so that you can connect the next time by entering the password. By forgetting the Wi-Fi network, you remove it from your saved networks and must enter the password again to connect to it.

So go to Wi-Fi SSID and just forget about the network. When you reconnect, simply enter the password and double-check that you have entered the correct password.

forget the network and try reconnecting

This will force your network to read and authenticate the network security key again, and you should now be able to connect to the internet without issue.

  1. Turn On And Off Airplane Mode:

Airplane mode is used to disconnect your device from the cellular network. This means you won’t be able to access mobile data, and if your Nextbook has a cellular network, it will be counted as null while in airplane mode.

Not only does it affect data, but it can also disrupt your Wi-Fi connection. Simply go to your Nextbook device’s accessibility bar and toggle the airplane mode on and off.

This will resolve the authentication error on your Nextbook device by prompting you to enter the network password again. After the device authenticates, you can reconnect to your Nextbook Wi-Fi network.

  1. Re-Confirm Password:

If you are experiencing authentication problems despite entering the correct password, it is possible that your network security key has been changed and you are unaware of it. It could be a member of your family or someone who uses your network.

If your network has been compromised, you will be locked out by someone else who has changed your Wi-Fi password.

So, if the Nextbook device isn’t validating your password, simply reconfirm it or check to see if the router’s password has been changed.

Because you cannot change the password directly from the router web portal, you can reset it using the “forgot password” option.

change both the username and the password

Simply go to the router’s IP address to access the web portal, and you can easily reset your password from the login screen. The provider will send you an email with the steps to restore your password.

  1. Restart Nextbook:

Nextbook devices not connecting to Wi-Fi could also be caused by a temporary glitch in your device. Sometimes the device is unable to authenticate your Wi-Fi connection because of a bug that needs to be fixed.

This is easily resolved by restarting your Nextbook device. This will temporarily disconnect the device’s network connection and refresh its memory.

So, if the device had an internal problem, it will be fixed and you will notice a smoother performance. Simply select the power button to restart your device. When the device is completely turned on, you should be able to reconnect to the internet.

  1. Correct The Date And Time Of The Device;

Your device’s date and time are frequently incorrectly set. You will likely encounter a Wi-Fi connection issue if you have turned off your device for an extended period and then turned it back on.


Although incorrect date and time on the Nextbook device should not affect Wi-Fi performance, this may be the case. As a result, ensure that you have correctly set the date and time on your device.

  1. Reboot Router:

Connecting to the same Wi-Fi network with a different device may help you determine whether the problem is with the Nextbook device or the network itself.

If the other device connects to it successfully, you know the problem is with the Nextbook device. You can simply look for additional troubleshooting for your device through Nextbook support.

However, if the Wi-Fi does not connect, you should restart your modem or router. The authentication error could be caused by a glitch or a bug.

  1. Reset Wi-Fi Settings:

If none of the previous steps have been helpful, you can simply reset your network to factory defaults. This way, all configurations will be reset, giving you a slight advantage when configuring them again.

After resetting the Nextbook, reconnect it to the Wi-Fi network; it should now work.

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