4 Quick Fixes For Netgear LB1120 Mobile Broadband Disconnected

netgear lb1120 mobile broadband disconnected
netgear lb1120 mobile broadband disconnected

Netgear is known to offer wireless routers and modems to internet users. However, they have recently launched LB1120, which is an LTE modem that’s connected directly to the router and provides the 3G or 4G LTE broadband connection. It offers a download speed of over 150Mbps, which is enough for regular browsing and social media scrolling. It uses the current mobile networks and has an automated fallback to the 3G network to offer data broadband services. However, if the mobile broadband connection is disconnected, we are sharing the steps that you’ve to follow!

Fixing Netgear LB1120 Mobile Broadband Disconnected:

  1. Reboot

First of all, if you have disconnection issues on the Netgear modem, there are chances that the connection has some errors. For this reason, we recommend that you reboot the modem for a few minutes. In particular, you have to switch off the modem for three minutes to make sure the connection is properly reset. After these minutes, turn on the modem and reconnect the device, and the internet will work better.

  1. SIM Card

We have already mentioned that you can use the current 4G SIM card to establish the broadband connection. Having said that, if the broadband connection is not working, we recommend that you take out the SIM tray to make sure the SIM card is properly installed. In particular, you’ve to ensure that the SIM card is inserted properly and fits into the SIM card tray. Once the tray and SIM card are correctly installed, you can reboot the device to improve the connection.

  1. Change The Location

If the internet is disconnected and you aren’t getting enough signal bars on the top of the screen, there are chances that the internet is slow because of the location issue. In particular, if you are in the back rooms or areas where the signal reception isn’t good enough, the broadband connection will be negatively impacted. That being said, we recommend that you change your modem’s location to make sure there is sufficient network coverage available. In particular, you should go to an open area.

  1. APN Settings

Another solution is to check and adjust the APN settings of the modem. For this purpose, you have to access the web-based interface of the modem by using, which is the default IP address. You can enter this IP address in the internet browser’s search bar and it will open the login page – you can the login credentials to sign in.

Once you access the web-based interface of the modem, you have to open the settings and go to the network tab. From the network tab, tap on the APN option and click the “add” button. Now, choose IPV4 in the PDP field and leave the name, username, and password fields blank. In addition, in the APN field, type “connect” and choose none for PDP roaming. Then, just save the setting and you will get an improved internet connection.

In case you still have some issues, call the Netgear customer support team!

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