Netflix Says I’m In Incognito Mode: How To Fix?

netflix says i'm in incognito mode
netflix says i’m in incognito mode

Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms out there, which is offering you to have access to tons of premium content in HD quality. With Netflix, you can simply watch your favorite movies or documentaries. Netflix has also its own production house that will allow you to enjoy the exclusive content on Netflix subscription only.

So, Netflix would be the right choice for most. It is especially the favorite for that binge-watching the series as some of the best series can be accessed on Netflix with HD quality and better performance with almost no buffering problems. However, if Netflix says, that you are in Incognito mode, here are a few things that you need to know about it.

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is basically a private browsing mode that is being offered on all browsers. It basically provides you a separate browsing session that will not record your internet activity while you have it enabled.

Basically, Incognito mode will not allow the browser to save any information with your browsing history including the history, passwords, auto-fill forms, and even cache or cookies. That makes a secure browsing experience for you, if you are using someone else’s PC, or if you don’t want your browser to keep a track of your activity.

Netflix Says I’m In Incognito Mode

If you are using Netflix on any of the browsers, it will not be able to login or turn on while the incognito browsing mode is turned on. That can be quite a hassle for you, and you will need to turn the incognito browsing mode off to make sure that you are able to use Netflix with your browser.

To find a way around the problem, you can either manually delete the history for the period you have been on the PC and that will clear the problem for you, or you can choose to use Netflix in some application and logout of the application after you are done with the Netflix.

However, there is no possible way for you to be using Netflix with Incognito browsing mode as the Netflix algorithms don’t allow it.

The Reason

Netflix has strong algorithms for enhancing the user experience and that way, you can think of Netflix as not only a streaming service but there is a lot more to it. Netflix basically suggests you the content based on your region, the type of content you have been watching before, and new releases based on the same pattern.

It learns as you keep on using Netflix more and more about your preferences. These include language, genre, culture, and a ton of other stuff including each session duration, the timing for your Netflix streaming, and more.

That is why this information from cache/cookies is highly important for Netflix to make the algorithm work and enhance your overall experience with them.

Rest assured that your information is safe, and you don’t have to worry about privacy concerns while browsing Netflix, so you can safely turn off the incognito mode.

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