Google Fiber Not Getting Full Speed: 4 Ways To Fix

google fiber not getting full speed
google fiber not getting full speed

Google Fiber is one of the most premium, yet shortly used service at the moment with not many users. Google Fiber basically provides the fiber-to-the-premises internet and IPTV services for different sorts of applications including commercial and residential.

Being an internet service provided by Google over the Fiber cables, you can certainly expect to have the fastest possible speeds and better connectivity. Not only that, but the overall internet experience with Google Fiber is enhanced greatly so that you can enjoy the best possible internet accessibility for all the different sorts of needs you might have.

If you are getting slower speed on Google Fiber, here are a few things that you will need to know about.

Google Fiber Not Getting Full Speed

1) Upgrade Cables

First of all, you need to understand that Google Fiber is the fiber-to-the-premises internet service, and the connection is not for all the devices or PCs that you might have on the premises. You will have to make sure that the cables you are using for connecting the devices inside your building are of high quality, and not substandard.

This is going to help you ensure that you can get the best speed of your Google Fiber connection, and you are going to enjoy the most stable experience with the internet and IPTV service from Google.

2) Check Equipment

Not only the cables, but your networking equipment also plays the key role in managing all the speed and all the other related matters. So, you will have to ensure that all the equipment such as routers, modems or networking switches that you have with your network connected to the Google Fiber are of good quality and the can process the data and speeds that are supported by the Google Fiber.

This will help you out properly in sorting out the issue and you are going to enjoy the right speed on google fiber with the right equipment you are using.

3) Configuration

Configuration is also a major factor that speed is relying on. Simply having the fastest routers and better cables is not enough if you don’t have the network settings configured appropriately.

So, you will have to make sure that you check all the settings for bandwidth limitations or any stuff like that and disable such limitations on all the routers and modems that you have connected on your network. That will be helping you out in a perfect manner to solve the problem for you and you will not have to worry about it at all afterward.

4) Contact Support

Lastly, if nothing has worked out for you, Google is extending the right support for all the Google Fiber consumers to enhance their experience with the services so that they can enjoy a trouble-free internet round the clock. You will need to contact the Support department for google Fiber and they will be able to take a look into the problem you are facing and help you out perfectly to get the problem solved out.

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