Netflix Keeps Skipping: 3 Ways To Fix

netflix keeps skipping
netflix keeps skipping

Watching your favorite TV shows and movies on the television usually required users to have a cable modem in their homes. Although, companies have now come up with devices and applications that you can use that don’t need any of these wirings and setups. You can easily start using their services by creating your account and then selecting a package that you are interested in.

Netflix Keeps Skipping

Netflix is one similar streaming service that allows users to watch any show that they want. Users can also download these to watch them at a later date. Recently, some Netflix users have reported that their stream keeps skipping. If this happens to you as well then here are some simple ways you can get rid of this problem.

  1. Change Refresh Rate

If you are someone who runs your Netflix account on a computer system then one common reason for your stream to skip frames in between can be due to your refresh rate. Most movies run on a stable 23 to 24 FPS ratio.

Considering this, if your computer is on a 144 Hz refresh rate then you will notice that the application starts to skip frames. The only way to fix this is by switch your refresh back to 60 or even 120. Netflix does not have support to refresh rates above 120 Hz yet although, the company is working on coming up with a fix for it.

  1. Change Browser

Some users have also recommended that changing your browser can help fix this problem. The current browser that you are using might have a lot of extensions or loads on it. If your system starts to run low on memory then your streams will start to skip in between.

This can be quite annoying to deal with but the only fix for it is by using an alternative browser. You can also check the RAM usage for your applications to confirm how much memory your browsers take up. This can be viewed from the task manager. Select the browser that uses the least RAM and this should fix the problem for you.

  1. Reset Netflix

In some cases, the problem can simply be from the Netflix application. The service might be getting a little bugged out which can make your streams skip frames. The best way to get rid of it is by resetting the service.

If you are someone who runs the application on your system then you can close it down and then open it back up after some time. The same can be done for mobile users, but if you are still getting the same problem.

Then re-login your account on both of your devices. Mobile users should also clear up the application’s cache memory from their devices. For this, you will have to first open up your application settings and then select Netflix.

Now proceed to read through all the tabs and you should notice the option labeled as ‘clear cache’. Click on this and confirm to reset your Netflix. Lastly, keep in mind that your saved passwords might get deleted and you will have to log back in again manually.

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