6 Ways To Fix Netflix Not Working On Cox

netflix not working on cox
netflix not working on cox

Believe it or not, Netflix has become an essential part of our lives. Truth be told, one loves to wind up with their favorite season on Netflix after a hectic day. So, Netflix not working on Cox can be pretty frustrating since you won’t be able to watch your season. On the contrary, there is nothing to be worried about as we have the troubleshooting methods!

How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Cox?

1. Plan

While you are using Cox for Netflix, you will need to look if you are subscribed to the right plan. This is because all the movies and TV shows are added to the menus. So, you must ensure that you are subscribed to the premium plan because it supports 4K and you will need it for watching Netflix with Cox. In addition to the Netflix subscription, you must be connected to the residential internet service of Cox.

2. Reboot

When it concerns Cox and Netflix issue, you need to reboot. First of all, press the contour button on the remote and go to the TV. In case the TV show doesn’t stream, take off the power cords from the receiver for around thirty seconds. Once the receiver switches on, try to access the on-demand service. As a result, if the video starts playing, you can access Netflix.

3. Internet Connection

When the internet doesn’t work on your device, how is Netflix going to work? With this being said, one must ensure that you are using a high-speed internet connection, even if it’s from Cox. You could try rebooting the router or modem and it will refresh the internet signals. Once the internet connection is streamlined, Netflix will start working with Cox.

4. Devices

If there are too many devices connected to one Netflix account, there are slight chances of Cox working with Netflix. So, if you have shared your Netflix password with someone, ask them to sign off to reduce the number of connected devices. once the connected device count is reduced, you will be able to make Netflix work on Cox.

5. Connectivity Form

If you are still unable to use Netflix with Cox, there are chances that you aren’t using the right device. In simpler words, there are chances that the device you are using is not complying with the services. With this being said, it’s suggested to try Netflix on some other device. If Netflix works, there is something wrong with the device. You could try resetting the device that isn’t working with Netflix. The reset will delete all the settings but we are pretty sure that Netflix will work.

6. Reboot

If no other troubleshooting methods are working, you could try rebooting the receiver. For this reason, remove the power cord and wait for thirty seconds. When the receiver switches on, sign in to your Netflix account again and you won’t have any issues.

The final verdict is that these fixes should resolve the issue. On the contrary, if the problem is still there, you need to call Cox customer support and they will provide better insights!

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