6 Ways To Fix Cox Caller ID On TV Not Working

cox caller id on tv not working
cox caller id on tv not working

Caller ID is one of the most crucial features for people who need communication services. For the same reason, Cox Communications has the Caller ID feature. On the other hand, Cox Caller ID on TV not working can be exhausting for people. So, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods to sort out this issue!

How To Fix Cox Caller ID On TV Not Working?

1. Channel

When you are using the Cox network and want to access the caller ID on the TV, you will need to be tuned into the right channel. To be precise, you need to tune into channel 1001. If you are not tuned into the correct channel, the caller ID will not be displayed.

2. Enable The Feature

If you have already tuned into channel 1001 but are unable to access Caller ID on TV, there are chances that you haven’t enabled it all. So, press the Cox button on the remote (it usually has a blue color) and go to the caller ID tab. Then, use the arrow buttons for outlining the caller ID status. Then, you can choose the right or left arrow buttons for enabling or disabling the Caller ID. Once you enable Caller ID, press the A button for saving the settings.

3. Reboot

While you are using Cox, having a DVR is crucial for accessing the caller ID feature. For the same reason, you need to reboot the DVR and it will probably streamline the caller ID feature. So, remove the power cable from Cox DVR and let them stay out for at last two minutes. After two minutes, switch on the DVR and check the caller ID feature again.

4. Phone Plan

If you think you have enabled the caller ID feature and rebooted the DVR, you must ensure that you are subscribed to the right plan. This is because the caller ID feature will not work if you haven’t added it to the phone plan. For this reason, you can call Cox customer support and let them see if the caller ID feature is enabled on your phone plan. In addition, if you have already subscribed to the phone plan with caller ID, you need to ask customer support to attach the caller ID feature on your TV.

5. Gateway

When you want to use the caller ID feature with the Cox network, you must have the gateway receiver because it will be responsible for displaying the caller ID on the TV. Keep in mind that the gateway receiver will control the features and streamline the programming. If you don’t already have the gateway receiver, you must call Cox and have them install the gateway receiver. In addition, Cox will send the technician for installing the gateway receiver.


If the caller ID is not working or displaying on your TV, there are chances that Cox has not integrated the updated CNAM to the receiver. In addition, there are chances that Cox has not submitted the CNAM to Neustar at all. So, it’s best to call Cox customer service and confirm it with them!

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