6 Ways To Fix CenturyLink 5G Not Working

centurylink 5g not working
centurylink 5g not working

For everyone who has a knack for the internet, they would know that using 5G is the right choice. This is because it’s the fastest internet connectivity technology for mobile data. For this purpose, CenturyLink 5G not working issue can cause internet issues. However, we have the troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue!

How To Fix CenturyLink 5G Not Working?

1. Carrier Plan

Sure, you must have an internet plan with 5G but you need to check if it has the 5G service includes. This is because, with CenturyLink, you might have to make changes for accessing the 5G. So, we suggest that you call CenturyLink and ask them to change your service if you want to keep accessing the 5G.

2. SIM Card

In case you are using the 5G service with CenturyLink, you need to change the SIM card. This is because the old chips on some SIM cards cannot access make 5G function properly. For this reason, you will need to call CenturyLink and have them upgrade your SIM case. This is because the SIM card must have the tech to function the 5G connectivity.

3. Dual SIM Mode

Only a few smartphones are designed with 5G connectivity and there are chances that your phone is not working 5G because of the dual SIM mode. This is because both lines are likely to revert to 4G LTE. With this being said, switch off the dual SIM mode on your phone and try using 5G again. In addition to this, keep in mind that 5G with CenturyLink will not work if you are using it on the data roaming. So, keep in mind that roaming isn’t going to support 5G.

4. Coverage

If you are doing everything right and you are still unable to use 5G with CenturyLink, you will need to check for the carrier coverage. This is because the 5G will not work if CenturyLink doesn’t have 5G coverage in that area. It is better that you check for the coverage map of CenturyLink and you will be able to know if you can access 5G at the current location or not.

5. Airplane Mode

Okay, so if you are already at the right location and CenturyLink has the 5G coverage in your area, you will need to toggle the airplane mode. For this purpose, open the settings on your mobile phone and scroll down to airplane mode. Subsequently, it will open a new window from which you can toggle off and on the airplane mode. Once you toggle it on, wait for two to three minutes before you toggle it off.

6. Bill

In case there are internet connections with 5G, you will need to ensure that you have paid all the dues. Well, 5G can be expensive since it’s the new technology. So, it’s best that you check the account and see if there are any outstanding dues. In case there are outstanding dues, clear them up and you will be able to use the 5G connection.

Even after following these troubleshooting methods, if you are unable to use 5G, you will need to call CenturyLink and have them look at your issue!

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