4 Ways To Deal With Netflix Error NSES-404

netflix error nses-404
netflix error nses-404

For the longest time, people have been dependent on TV channels to consume content, but Netflix has become the best option for streaming the endless supply of entertaining content. On the other hand, recently, users have started complaining about Netflix error NSES-404. So, if you have the same error code appearing on the screen, we are sharing some best solutions with you!

Netflix Error NSES-404

1. Use The VPN

For the most part, this error occurs whenever the specific content title is not available in the country library of Netflix. For bypassing this error code and watch the favorite content without any hindrance, you need to use the VPN to make sure you are connected to the server of a relevant country. To use the VPN, check out the following steps;

  • Download the VPN app of your choice but make sure you are using a premium VPN
  • Once the VPN is downloaded, open it and sign up with the subscription dresses
  • Scroll through the available servers and connect to the server of the country where the title is available
  • Once the VPN is connected, open the Netflix app and start streaming the content without any error

Keep in mind that there are very limited VPN services that actually work with Netflix, so choose accordingly.

2. Server

If you are unable to use the VPN with Netflix for any reason, you need to consider if Netflix is down. Honestly, it’s quite rare for the Netflix server to be down, but you need to remember that it’s a possibility. So, just check the social media pages of Netflix because the company often notifies the users about server issues there. In case there is actually a down server issue, you will need to wait as only the company’s technician will replenish the server.

3. Reset

In case the server is not down, but the NSES-404 error code is still disturbing your content streaming experience, we suggest that you reset the internet devices as well as the devices you are using to stream Netflix. For instance, you have to reset the internet modem and router as it helps improve the internet speed. In addition to improving the internet speed, resetting the internet devices will also refresh the IP address, which improves the Netflix connectivity and streaming. Last but not least, you should also reset the device you are streaming Netflix on as it helps optimize the IP address.

4. Chrome Extensions

If you are one of those people who use the Google Chrome browser for streaming Netflix, the problem could be because of the browser itself. In particular, the issue occurs when you are have installed too many extensions on Google Chrome. To fix the issue, you need to delete the unnecessary extensions and reboot the Google Chrome browser. As a result, Netflix streaming will be optimized. If possible, you should also reboot the device before re-launching the browser and Netflix.

This troubleshooting guide will be sufficient to resolve the error, but if it’s still there, you need to call the internet service provider for more assistance.

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