4 Troubleshooting Tips For Netflix Error M7111-1931

netflix error m7111-1931
netflix error m7111-1931

It doesn’t matter which device you are using for streaming Netflix; there are various errors that you can encounter and Netflix error M7111-1931 is one of them while streaming. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the content streaming will be paused, and you won’t be able to load the content. Having said that, if you have got the same error, we are outlining the potential solutions that will work out!

Netflix Error M7111-1931

1. Extension

To begin with, it’s common for people to download and use extensions on their Google Chrome browser. One of such extensions is the VeeHD extension, but it is notorious for conflicting with content streaming. To fix the problem, you must delete this extension if you are using it, and it will help fix the streaming. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to delete the extension from Google Chrome, there are a few steps that you can follow;

  • First of all, open the Google Chrome browser
  • From the top-right corner, click on the “more tools” option
  • Scroll down to extensions
  • Scroll down through the extensions and delete the ones that you don’t use
  • You have to click on the remove button, and it will be removed

Once the extension is removed, you should close down the internet browser and start streaming again. In addition to the mentioned extension, you need to consider the side-loaded extensions as well because they are often very corrupt, resulting in performance issues.

2. AdBlock Feature

The majority of users have the AdBlock feature switched on the browser to make sure they are not bugged by the excessive pop-ups and ads. However, this feature can often result in streaming errors. To illustrate, this feature tends to block Netflix content, hence the problem with streaming. The only solution to this problem is to delete the AdBlock feature, and if you cannot delete it, just disable it, so it doesn’t work. For disabling the AdBlock, you have to go to the extensions option in the Google Chrome browser, scroll down to find AdBlock, and toggle it off.

3. Server’s Status

If the above-mentioned solutions haven’t helped you out, there could be something wrong with the backend servers of Netflix. For this purpose, just open the status page of Netflix, and you will be certain if the server is down. If the status page notifies you that something is wrong with the servers, all you can do is wait for Netflix to resolve the issue.

4. Data

With regular browsing, the browsers often get clogged with data, which tends to interfere with the streaming experience. For this reason, we suggest that you check the settings and delete the excessive cache and data. To clear the data from the browser, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below;

  • Open the browser and tap on the upper-right corner to open the menu
  • Go to settings, scroll down to the privacy and security, and choose the clear browsing data option
  • Tap on advanced and choose all time from the time range
  • Check all the options
  • Tap on clear, and all the cache and excessive data will be deleted

So, try it out and see if you get access to Netflix again!

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