T-Mobile Keeps Stopping? Fix It in 5 Steps!

t-mobile keeps stopping fix
t-mobile keeps stopping fix

When it comes down to the network services providers, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that T-Mobile has earned the top spot, particularly of the valuable packages. In addition, they have launched multiple network plans to cater to the unique networking needs of the users. However, recently, users have been complaining that T-Mobile keeps stopping, and we are here with the fixes!

T-Mobile Keeps Stopping Fix

1. Remove SD Card

If you are using the smartphone and T-Mobile has stopped working, you could try removing the SD card from the smartphone. Many people suggest that you take out the battery from the smartphones, but the majority of them don’t have a removable battery. Having said that, you should remove the SD card and reboot the smartphone. When the smartphone switches on, insert the SD card and reboot the smartphone again. Once the T-Mobile signals start showing up on the smartphone screen, you can try using it again.

2. Software

If rebooting and removing the SD card doesn’t work, you need to work on the software. This is why we recommend that you open the smartphone settings and see if there is a software update available (you can check it from the general tab). In case the smartphone’s software update is available, one needs to download the update and install the update on the smartphone. When your software update is installed, you should reboot the smartphone as well to make sure the updates are set in.

3. App Updates

Many people don’t know this, but outdated apps can help cause issues with T-Mobile functionality. For this reason, it is suggested to open the app store of the smartphone and open the installed apps tab. From this tab, you will be able to see how many app updates are available. So, just tap on the “update all” button, and you will be able to download the app updates at once. Once the app updates are updated, try using T-Mobile again. In addition, if you have unnecessary apps that you don’t use anymore, just delete them.

4. Clear Memory

Another practical solution to the T-Mobile functionality issue is to clear the memory. There are two ways of clearing memory from the smartphone. First of all, you can try removing the apps from the background as it can create too much data clogging. Once the background apps are removed, you can try using T-Mobile again. On the other hand, if this doesn’t work, you could try restarting the device as it’s an apt way of clearing memory. You should reboot the smartphone regularly to prevent the issue. Last but not least, your smartphone should have enough storage – there should be 15% free space available.

5. Reset

If nothing is working out for you, the only solution that you can try is to reset the device. Before you continue with the reset, you must remember that it will delete the internet settings as well as additional data on the smartphone. So, open the settings on your smartphone, conduct the factory reset, and try connecting to T-Mobile again.

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