Nanocell vs OLED: What’s The Difference?

nanocell vs oled
nanocell vs oled

From those LCDs that showed digits and numbers only to getting the black and white screens, color monitors and now having some really cool touch screen displays, we have seen a lot in the past few decades but that is not all.

Each day, we are moving towards a new innovation in the field of these displays, and every day brings us one step closer to the augmented reality. That is pretty great, yet having a display that has right depth, colors and better resolution is something that everyone wants.

Whatever the needs might be, ranging from gaming to streaming the movies, watching some series, sports, research purposes and a whole lot more, people simply love to have the best display to make it optimally work for them.

That is why, there are plenty of options for every user to choose from based on what sort of needs and budget range they might have. It goes without saying that the better and latest technology you will be having, the more you will have to pay for it. But the real question comes here, is it always better to pay a bit more for getting the latest technology or if the earlier one can still serve you the best.

There has been a huge debate going around on the internet on this topic and people have been asking around this question a lot. Since LCD is out of the picture here, due to the fact that it was released almost a decade ago, and there are certain resolution and color limits attached to it, that leaves us a bit confused about getting the OLED display or having a go on this latest technology being introduced by the LG as Nanocell.

A detailed comparison between the top features and pros and cons for these both display technologies would be:

Nanocell vs OLED


Nanocell is not only just a fancy name, that is being used as a marketing tactic or some sort of bait for the consumers but there is a lot more to it. When it comes to the pixels, it doesn’t get any better than those 4K TVs already available on the market, but the technology is focused on making those pixels look even better and as good as they can get.

That includes a more detailed and deeper experience than you can get on some other 4K resolution TV out there. The Nanocell technology is being used for the LG TVs and they are calling it an affordable innovation for all those that want to enjoy the closes experience of having an OLED display, but they are unable to afford that. These Nanocell TVs have managed to gain good popularity over the market and are amongst some of the highly bought TVs in the past few months.


If you bring it to the technology part, the Nanocell technology is undoubtedly new, but that doesn’t make it better than an OLED Display. Instead of getting those LEDs in the display that are used for creating a better picture, the Nanocell technology claims to have these Nanoparticles that try to make the Reds and Greens look even better.

This allows LG to produce a better color gamut and all those filters that are being used. With all that, the ability of your Nanocell Display to produce more colors is increased and you get a better depth on the video quality.

No matter what you are trying to stream, Nanocell will allow you to have the best possible quality that is if not equal to the OLED display, it is relatively the closest in terms of brightness, crispness, and color pallet.

Basically, you can call this technology an attempt to redesign the OLED Displays, but at an affordable price tag. That is why, you will get the right edge of those premium features that OLED displays are known for on the Nanocell TVs as well.

These TVs simply dim the display for darker pictures or the section of your TV, this is something huge that OLED was proudly being marketed for by Samsung. Yet, the technology is pretty much the same, but a little bit less effective and efficient as you can see on the OLED Displays.


There is nothing that you will have to worry about on the resolution part if you are thinking about going with the Nanocell TV. These displays have the ability of 4K resolution option so you get those 8million pixels on the screen for better, and clearer image quality.

The Resolution is pretty much great, and you would feel a huge difference if you are upgrading for some non-4K display. Yet, it cannot be said better or even equal to the OLED displays. These displays can also support the HDR Dolby Vision and that is a great plus to have for all those Netflix fans out there.


LG is not something to price their products at market competitive rate or on the higher end. The reason is pretty much known to all, and their products have failed to gain the right popularity among the everyday users. That is why they are offering this Nanocell technology as well at an affordable price range.

In fact, LG is marketing these Nanocell TVs as something that is affordable and can be the next best alternative to having an OLED display TV for you. You can expect these Nanocell TVs to be tagged in the mid-range and they will be the perfect choice for you if you are not willing to spend huge amounts on the displays such as OLED.

So, you can call this the only pro these Nanocell TVs have over the OLED as their picture quality might be slightly lesser than the OLED display, but the pricing is considerably lesser too.


OLED is the technology that is so far the best thing we have in the displays for regular users. While there are certain advancements in terms of QLED and things like that, but they are not yet available that frequently in the market.

That is why OLED is the best choice to have for most of the users out there that want to have the perfect experience with their displays. OLED is simply amazing with these 4k resolutions and some of the best color and picture quality that you can get on these screens.

Simply put, if you are looking for something that employs the best possible technologies, and has the best results then OLED is definitely the thing that you will need to go for. A few important things that will help you understand it better are:


The OLED technology basically employs the Light Emitting Diodes that are self-illuminating and create the display for you perfect. These diodes are basically organic material that is connected on the matrix and they emit lights on the display to create a picture. Millions of diodes are being used for each display and that allows you to have a better picture with more depth, clearer picture quality and better colors.

These OLED displays are the best thing on the market as there is no comparison to them when it comes to the technological part. They are better in every possible way from differentiating the colors, producing better shades, having better animations with the highest possible frame rate and a lot more. So, if you want to consider a difference between Nanocell and OLED display, OLED is simply the best thing to go for based on the quality of the picture and all the other technological impacts that will matter to you.

Basically, each of those 8.3 Million pixels on the OLED display works independently. This helps the display to process better blacks since when they are turned off, they create a deeper image with no bleeding of light from the other colors on these pixels. This is what OLED is most commonly known for and Nanocell might be close to it, but not as good as an OLED display.


OLED is the technology that can be used for multiple resolutions and that is why, it is most commonly being used out there for all sorts of gaming displays, mobile phones and TVs. Yet, since we are comparing it with the Nanocell TVs from LG, the OLED displays are the first ones out in the market that are supporting the 4k UHD resolutions. Not only that, but they are the best performing displays when it comes to the 4K resolution with better picture quality and a far more better frame rate experience on that resolution.


Yet, the only thing that might stop you from buying an OLED display over the Nanocell is pricing. The pricing is comparatively higher than the Nanocell since it uses LEDs and that takes some extra resources to manage. But the bucks you are paying extra are definitely worth it, as you will be getting the right value for them. Yet, if you are concerned about the pricing, Nanocell can do just the job for you at better price tags.

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