My TiVo Doesn’t Have Amazon Prime: 3 Fixes

my tivo doesn't have amazon prime
my tivo doesn’t have amazon prime

Digital boxes have completely replaced older modem boxes now. This is because these devices provide tons of new features while also maintaining a better quality. On top of this, users have access to more channels and TV shows than before. You even have the option to request a specific show that you want in your library.

Aside from this, you can get recommendations depending on your taste from your digital box. One of the best companies manufacturing these is TiVo. While they are great, some users have reported that ‘my TiVo doesn’t have Amazon Prime. If you have the same issue then here are some steps that should be able to help you.

My TiVo Doesn’t Have Amazon Prime

  1. Add Prime Video Application

If you have just set up your TiVo device then you should note that this does not come with most programs and applications installed. You only have access to the main interface of TiVo that you can use to login into your account. If the user wants to use other applications on this device then it has to be installed separately.

Considering this, the reason why Amazon Prime might not be available for you can be because you haven’t added its application. This can be done by opening up the applications tab on your box and then searching for the app. Download and install it to proceed with the login. This should help you in getting Amazon Prime.

Alternatively, for people who don’t want to download the application on their device. You should visit the settings and then open up the preferences. Now click on add and manage apps and select Amazon Prime here. For people who are subscribed to their packages, you can also add Amazon Prime Membership here. This should help you in getting Amazon shows as well when you search in the library.

  1. Device Not Supported

Aside from this, another reason for not having Amazon Prime on your device can be that it is not supported by the company. Usually, all of the devices from TiVo are used to support the service. Although, this was changed later on and now only the recent models can play Amazon Prime shows on them.

Talking about this, if you have an older device then that might be the reason why you are unable to access Amazon Prime. You can find a list of devices that support this program online.

  1. Update Box

Another important thing to note is that even if you have a newer device, you might still be unable to use the Amazon program. This usually happens when your device is running on an older update. This is why it is recommended that you keep your TiVo device updated to the latest version available.

Make sure that you reboot your device after the update is installed. This helps all the temporary files to get replaced. This should also fix your problem and you should now be able to use Amazon Prime on your device without any issues.

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  1. I am unable to connect my Amazon Prime to my TIVO, as it does not have an Amazon Prime Option. How can I get this fixed so that my TIVO can accept the Amazone Prime app?

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