TiVo Guide “To Be Announced” Error: 3 Fixes

tivo guide to be announced
tivo guide to be announced

Everyone who loves entertainment likes to use the DVRs. This is because the DVRs allow the users to record the shows and access them whenever they want. That being said, people are constantly hoarding on TiVo for the high-performance settings and intuitiveness.

TiVo Guide To Be Announced error is bugging some DVR users. However, you don’t need to be worried because we have the troubleshooting methods!

TiVo Guide “To Be Announced” Error

Before we outline the troubleshooting methods, it’s essential to understand the meaning of such errors. So, the “to be announced” error with TiVo appears when the programming provider has been unable to provide information about certain programs to TiVo. Generally, the error appears on the Live TV or channel banner.

If the error is appearing on one channel, you only need to wait for some time because the programming provider will provide the information. On the contrary, if the error appears on multiple channels, call TiVo because they will add the information as soon as it’s provided by the programming provider. All in all, if the error appears on every channel, there is something wrong. So, let’s check the solutions!

1) Service Connection

The first solution is to populate the channels with the correct programming information. For this purpose, you need to hit the TiVo button on the DVR remote and move to the settings. From the settings, you have to press the network settings option and press the “TiVo Service Connection.” Once you have followed these steps, you have to wait for around one hour because that’s the time needed for populating the guide.

2) Reboot

The users can always try rebooting the TiVo DVR because it will resolve the majority of issues. In some instances, the error occurs because of the minor software configurations, and a reboot will solve it. For rebooting, remove the power cord from the power source and wait for a few minutes (two to three minutes are suggested).

After a few minutes, plug in the power cord to the power source, and the DVR will switch on. When the DVR switches on, you will be able to use the TiVo DVR without the error.

3) Wait!

If you are certain that the channel information and programming are populated in the guide, you need to wait. Generally, such errors occur after users reset the DVRs or if there has been a power outage. When the DVR switch on after these incidents, it will need time for downloading the programming information.

For the most part, DVR will take around thirty minutes to download the information. In some cases, the DVR might even take up to two hours to download the entire guide. So, give it time before you start the troubleshooting methods.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the troubleshooting methods from this article will fix the error. On the contrary, if the error is still there, just get in touch with customer support. The customer support will analyze the network and provide assistance in fixing the error.

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