6 Ways To Fix Cox Cable Box Not Turning On

cox cable box not turning on
cox cable box not turning on

Cox cable box is one of the promising choices for everyone who needs on-demand entertainment and want to access the channels of their choice. This is why when the Cox cable box not turning on an issue occurs; it can be exhausting for sure. In this article, we are sharing various troubleshooting methods that will help resolve the issue!

How To Fix Cox Cable Box Not Turning On?

1. Cables

Your first instinct should be checking the cables. This is because cables are responsible for transmitting the electrical signals from the wall outlet to the cable box. For this purpose, check the cables (coaxial and more) and you will be able to resolve this error. In addition to ensuring the proper functionality of the cables, you need to check if the cables are plugged into the correct ports. We suggest checking the labeling on the cable box to ensure all the cables are plugged in properly. An additional tip; don’t use the white and old cox cables.

2. Wiring

Yes, cables and wiring are two different things. Cables are the ones attaching the cable box with the power outlet. On the contrary, wiring is the entire infrastructure. So, it’s best to check the wiring of your home. You might need to hire a technician for rewiring the room. Once the wiring is optimized, the cable box will be activated properly.

3. Reboot

Sure, the cable box is not switching on already, but you could still reboot the cable box. Rebooting is the simple procedure with which you need to switch off the cable box by removing the cable box. You must keep the cables out for at least a minute because it resolves the configuration issues that might be resulting in the cable box not switching on.

4. Memory

Believe it or not, if the memory of your cable box is full, it will not switch on. The cable box will have the hard disk that has all the recorded programs. So, you could try installing this hard drive into some other devices and remove the recorded boxes. Once there is free storage available on the hard disk, you can install it in the cable box and switch it on. As a result, the cable box must switch on.

5. TV Input

If the cable box is not working, you need to ensure the correct input. To begin with, if you are using the coax cable, the optimal input for the cable box is channel three. On the contrary, if you are using the HDMI cable, you must use the inputs, such as channel one, channel two, or channel three.

6. Lights

Yes, we are talking about lights on the Cox cable box. For instance, if there is a green light on the cable box, the signals will be optimal or are available. This means that there are hardware issues that are causing the switch-on issues. So, just get it checked through the technician and ask them to fix the hardware issues.

In case the cable box is still not switching on, call the Cox customer support. You need to explain the issue to them and they will assist.

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