8 Ways To Fix Mouse Stuttering In Games Problem

mouse stuttering in games
mouse stuttering in games

A mouse is the ultimate navigation device. People tend to argue that the keyboard has all the essential keys to conduct some activity and utilize the shortcuts. However, the mouse is an amazing device that eases the navigation without compromising convenience. Even more, the majority of Windows 10 users struggle with mouse stuttering and lagging while playing games.

These things often freeze the computer system, thus lagging the game. This situation will extend the time needed to complete the task. During mouse stutters, the pointer synchronization will be dismantled. Even more, the right or left pointing will be slower than ever before. These issues tend to be adverse to the players.

With mouse stutters, productivity will experience a downfall. This way, not only the gaming speed is impacted, but everyday functions on the computer will be impacted as well. That’s to say, because the mouse will be slow and sluggish. So, if you are experiencing all these issues, be it the mouse lag or stutter, we have added the troubleshooting methods in this article. Have a look!

Mouse Stuttering In Games (Fix)

1) Is It Your Mouse?

First of all, you need to check if your mouse is stuck with issues. You need to disconnect the mobile and use a different mouse to check your mouse is at fault or not. Checking the mouse is important because some mouse models struggle with lags. In addition, while testing the mouse, use similar ports because that helps check the performance and functionality.

2) Mouse Driver

The mouse is an accessory for your computer, and these accessories need drivers for proper working and functionality. This is because corrupt and outdated drivers will have an adverse impact on mouse functionality.  If you want to update the mouse driver, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Press Windows and R keys at the same time, which will launch the run utility
  • Once the prompt pops up, write down “devmgmt.msc” and hit the OK button
  • Right-click on the mouse option and tap on “update driver” option
  • Click on the option to look for the driver
  • The Windows will automatically lookup for the mouse driver and install them on the computer
  • You will receive the prompt on the computer screen, outlining if the driver has been installed on the computer
  • Once the drivers have been installed, make sure you restart the computer

3) Scroll Inactive Windows

With Windows 10, the users will get the scroll inactive feature that allows the users to scroll through inactive windows. However, this feature tends to slow down the mouse functionality and navigation. On top of everything, if you turn on this feature, the lag will be fixed. In the section below, we have outlined the steps through which you can disable or enable the scroll inactive windows feature, such as;

  • Press the Windows icon and direct to settings (use the combination of Windows and I keys to launch the settings app)
  • Move to the devices title
  • Navigate to the left side of the menu and click on “mouse” option
  • You will find an option, named Scroll Inactive Windows
  • You will see a feature for disabling and enabling
  • With this being said, the lag will be fixed and you need to restart the computer

There are no issues in turning off this feature, but turning it on can possibly help get rid of mouse stutters.

4) Realtek Audio Process

If you use the NVIDIA part, disabling the Realtek Audio process will be helpful in compensating the mouse stutters. In the section below, we have outlined the steps to help you disable the Realtek Audio process, such as;

  • Open the task manager
  • Go to “more details” option at the bottom of the window
  • Look for Realtek HD Audio Manager under the background process option
  • Tap on the end task button at the bottom right side
  • Check the functionality of the mouse and see if the stutter has been fixed

5) No Delay For Touchpad

If you are a trackpad user, you need to change the delay settings if your mouse isn’t using the cursor move. This feature is designed to ensure that the cursor doesn’t move accidentally during your work. However, people have been experiencing more harm than good with this feature. So, if your mouse is stuttering, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Tap on the Windows option
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Go to the Device title
  • Click on the menu available on the left side, click on mouse & touchpad option
  • Choose the no delay (always on) feature
  • Make sure your mouse is working effectively

6) Cortana

Cortana is the virtual assistant of Microsoft, and users hardly think that this can cause the issue, but most of the time, it is at fault. That’s to say because Cortana can put an adverse impact on mouse stutters and lag. So, if you’ve switched on Cortana, it is better that you follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the taskbar and tap on Cortana
  • Go to the settings
  • Navigate to Talk to Cortana menu
  • Switch off the Cortana option (the services will be switched off)
  • You can also hide the Cortana button by clicking on the “Hide Cortana” button
  • Now, check the performance of your mouse

7) NVIDIA High Definition Audio

NVIDIA High Definition Audio process is one of the most used audio manager applications out there. This feature is pretty easy to switch off, and we have added steps to follow in the section below;

  • Go to the task manager
  • Move to the Processes tab
  • Tap on Realtek HD Audio Manager under the background processes option
  • Navigate to the end task button and click on it
  • You will see a positive change in the functionality and performance of the mouse

8) USB 2.0 port

If there is nothing wrong with your mobile, there are chances that the USB port is at fault. This issue usually prevails with USB 3.0 ports, so make sure you have connected your mouse to the right port. That’s to say, because not every mouse can be connected to the USB 3.0 port, so always use the USB 2.0 port.

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