8 Ways To Fix Fast Internet But Laggy Games Issue

Fast Internet But Laggy Games
Fast Internet But Laggy Games

With the leading advancements in the field of technology, modern new games running on high tech software are everyone’s favorite. Online adventure or battleground games are the main source of fun and entertainment for this generation.But to play such high-end technology games, the most important thing required by every gamer out there is a fast speed wireless Internet connection. It is a very common issue of having a fast Internet but still laggy games.

Games usually lag or hang when there is a delay of actions of the character on working according to the given commands by the players. The reaction of the game servers is also accounted for in the issue of lagging games.

What is Game Lag or Ping?

Suppose that you’re in the middle of intense gameplay and you just need a few more points to win. You have a shot planned perfectly to score the last round but suddenly your game freezes for a moment and your shot misses the chance to score the winning stroke.

Instead, you find your opponent took the shot first and in a mere second, you’ve lost the game just because it lagged momentarily. Here you need to understand a few terms and their definitions.

Game Ping

Game ping is the signal that your network is transferring at a constant rate to measure the latency which indicates the quality of your internet connection.

The network, that you are using, sends out a message to measure the speed. The lower the ping number, the greater will be the speed of the internet. It indicates that the ping is traveling faster so your latency is low. Anything at 100ms or less than that is acceptable for a better gaming experience.

Game Lag

Game Lag is just another term for the delay of signals, reaching to the destination from their origin and back. Lag is caused by greater latency since high pings. Poor servers, greater traffic, low bandwidth or packet loss are the common causes of game lagging.

Troubleshooting Game Lagging Issue

Game lagging is one of the most frustrating things that a gamer has to experience. It is extremely irritating because no matter what you do, you cannot have the desired game experience if your game is lagging.

Whether you kill your enemy first or score the points if your game lags, the server is not able to respond instantly and thus your opponents have a higher chance of winning. But there are several simple ways by which you can minimize lags to have better gaming experience.

How To Fix Fast Internet But Laggy Games Issue

  1. Check Your Internet Speed and Bandwidth

You need a good speed internet to prevent your game from lagging to say, at least 15-20Mbps, and also a better internet bandwidth.

If you and your family members are simultaneously using the internet for streaming movies, web browsing, video calling, and playing games at the same time, it is obvious that this will strain the bandwidth. Activities like this significantly slow the internet speed unless you have enough bandwidth to support them all.

  1. Low Latency

Low latency in a network is important for gaming. The term “latency” means what is the quality of your internet connection. A strong reliable internet connection has low latency which reduces the chance of game lagging.

Usually, a wired connection is considered ideal for better gaming experience without lagging. It is best to have high-speed internet with low latency measures.

  1. Place The Router Nearby

There are many obstacles that internet signals have to face during signal transduction. Your household items like the roof, walls, doors, floor, furniture, and all the other physical objects interrupt equally in the connection.

So it is better to move closer to the router if your game is lagging. The interference of these objects might be a cause of laggy games. Place your Wi-Fi router nearby to solve this issue. You can improve your signals by moving closer to your router.

  1. Close All Background Programs

Some sites require heavy internet bandwidth such as YouTube, Netflix, and Video-calling software. Downloading items from the internet also affect your ping rate as well as latency.

So it is better to perform one task at a time to get better ping. Close other programs that might have been running in the background to lower the impact on your gaming performance.

  1. Reduce the Load

It is always a good option to reduce the number of devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi connection. The more devices are connected to the router, Lower will be the performance of your wireless network.

When many devices are using the Wi-Fi at the same time, more bandwidth is required. Putting your device on Airplane Mode while you are playing a game is best to avoid game lagging.

  1. Use an Ethernet Cable

Cables and cords always provide a better and strong uninterrupted connection as compared to the wireless networks. If you share a Wi-Fi connection with someone, you cannot simply ask them to stop using the internet just because you want to play games in a better ping.

But what you could do is use an Ethernet cable to connect your device to the Wi-Fi router.

  1. Reboot Your Router

If your router has been working for a while then it can become strained. Therefore, restarting and rebooting your router can help to improve latency. This way you can refresh your internet connection and have better game experience.

  1. Upgrade Your Internet

If you’re not satisfied with your connection, the easiest way is to upgrade your Internet Connection. This way you can reduce game lag as well as increase the internet speed. Look for a package that specifically offers a better game experience.


Having a fast internet but laggy games are annoying especially if you are suffering high latency while gaming. The ideal speed for gaming is in the range from 5 Mbps to 30 Mbps.

Some gaming enthusiasts have a wired connection to play lag-free games avoiding wireless interference and interruptions.

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  1. I have been having issues with lag, my game feels like it’s stuttering and tonight when my teammates were talking they sounded like robots and were cutting out which I know is an internet issue.. but this is where I’m confused .. I have Verizon fios .. my ping was 7 my download speeds are 700 my upload are 900 mbps .. super confused as to what’s going on.. any idea?

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