3 Ways to Troubleshoot Discord Ping Spikes

discord ping spikes
discord ping spikes

Ping spikes or lagging spikes are the worst to experience when it comes to using your favorite application. When you get yourself some smart application to use in peace, disruption of any kind can make things pretty much worse, well, ping spikes are one of them. Discord software is extensively used as a VoIP source of communication among friends and communities.

It has taken plentiful attention from various users. People seem to enjoy their time a lot with Discord’s emergence, however, the ping spikes occurring in the middle can be highly problematic while making calls or sending text messages over Discord. In this article, we will walk you through some authentic and 100% functional troubleshooting solutions that’d help flatten the ping spikes to maximize your experience with Discord.

What Is Discord?

Discord is a proprietary freeware and open-source software that allows you to use instant texting and voice application, and digital distribution on a platform that is solely designed for creating communities. These communities split from gamers to educational purposes and businesses.

This open-source public software—Discord has specialized in texting, creating images, conducting video and audio communication between several communities within an app.

Therefore, Discord is your happy place to talk. No one wants to have unwanted disruptions from ping spikes. Everyone wants to create a home for their communities and friends’ circles, where they can stay closer and have fun texting, texting, or even playing games.

Why Is My Discord Facing Too High Ping Spikes?

A high Discord ping indicates persistent lagging which has several factors to happen. Here they are:

  • Discord system slow or major outages.
  • ISP issues.
  • Too many applications processing at the same time.
  • Turning OFF “hardware acceleration” feature on Discord.
  • Using application features over Canary versions.
  • Usage of outdated drivers
  • High cache files.

How To Troubleshoot Discord Ping Spikes?

As long as you can progress in working with extensive troubleshooting solutions under its high latency/ping/lagging factors, it is quite easier to get rid of the issue.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Run A Speed Test:

First of all, you would need to comprehend if it’s the ping spikes or your ISP low speed. carry out a speed test, if the result matched your opted speed, then there is more to it.

  1. Limit The Tabs On Your Background:

If you are persistently facing the same ping spikes issues with your Discord, then you might want to limit the number of tabs you have open with your background. The server of Discord isn’t wrong here, you are. Limit the tabs and remove those that you are not using.

  1. Remove Cache:

Make sure that you get rid of the extra cache memory of Discord in the Settings, so that you don’t face too high spikes.

  1. Usage Of Old Versions Of Discord:

Remember that using old and outdated versions of any software gives you nothing but constant pain. Try to get the up-to-date version of the Discord app to avoid unwanted ping spikes.

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