What Is Internet Stuttering- 5 Ways To Fix It

Internet Stuttering
Internet Stuttering

What Is Internet Stuttering

The internet allows computer networks all around the globe to connect with each other. It is the wider network that helps in communication between various institutions and organizations such as universities and companies.

Routers, servers, repeaters, data centers, computers, and many electronic devices are used to help information travel around the world.

The sole purpose of the internet is to give global access to loads of data. Let it be research in the field of Science, Medicine, or Engineering.

The internet is a common thing to have these days as every house has internet access. Even people who live in villages have internet access these days. With the passage of time the world is going fast and so is the internet, and it is stressful when we face internet stuttering.

The internet is used for many things such as online banking, education, file transfer, and electronic mail (E-mail) etc. Keeping this in mind we all know that no one would want their transactions to get halted, their videos to take a long time to load, or their lectures buffer because of internet stuttering.

Why Does This Happen?

The only question that pops up in our minds is this, especially for hardcore gamers who cannot risk even a 1-second lag during their online gaming.

Many gamers believe internet stuttering or lagging to be an unlucky charm for their gaming profile and reputation. Instead of smashing the keyboard or the controller, it is better to know why the internet is acting weird. Having a terrible ping can be stressful but fixing it might put things back on track.

First, finding out the problem should be the focus. There are many factors that usually affect the internet to stutter or lag. Some of them are:

  • The internet connection is unreliable.
  • The router being used is cheap and of low quality.
  • It is better to acknowledge how many Mbps are required for the tasks to be completed.
  • The internet connection might be overloaded.
  • The modem needs a reboot.
  • The Wi-Fi router is placed in a bad spot.
  • The devices surrounding the router are interfering with the signals.
  • Applications working in the background are affecting the bandwidth.

In addition, some malware can also slow down the internet speed and cause internet stutter or lag. If the issue is not from your side, most probably the ISP has technical difficulties.

Another factor is latency that is closely related to the bandwidth, latency represents the time needed for the signal to travel from the sender to the receiver. If the latency is high then the lags or the delays will be high as well.

How to Fix It?

Internet stutter or lag can be a real problem and rebooting the router does not always help. There are many ways to fix this slow speed coming in.

People who work through video calls for meetings also face many problems when it comes to internet stutter and for them pinging the router or optimizing its connection does not always work out. Anyways, some of the ways to fix the issue are:

  • Putting or placing the router at a centralized location in the room.
  • Check the internet speed via a speed test. Also known as signal testing.
  • By troubleshooting the modem or router.
  • Tweak router for better Wi-Fi signals.
  • Close applications running in the background that take a lot of bandwidth.
  • Changing or trying a new DNS server.
  • Consider using a private line network.
  • Try to increase the bandwidth, send fewer data.
  • Optimize internet connection in case of lighter browsing.
  • Check for malware.
  • Use an anti-virus to detect unusual activity across the network connection.
  • By prioritizing, downloads and tasks.
  • Try to disconnect devices and connect again.
  • Use local cache so that there is no need to download files again.
  • Try to refresh the applications.
  • Try to avoid using a proxy or VPN.
  • Do not run many applications at once.
  • Avoid a lot of downloads at once.
  • Try a Wi-Fi analyzer for a cleaner connection.
  • Turn off all of the network firewalls for much stable internet speed.
  • Try to limit other network traffic.

If all the solutions provided above do not solve your problem, get in touch with your ISP. As discussed before, stopping of the internet in the middle of a game is a big concern for online gamers. The first thing to do is to check if any application is not acting weirdly.

Adding a new router to the network may also fix the issue. Gamers should prefer using Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi. A wired connection will provide a direct connection and faster speeds than the Wi-Fi router. Moreover, if Wi-Fi is the only option, moving closer to it might help in improving the speed and reducing the lag.

This issue can be reduced in a number of other ways as well:

  • Try to use a network performance-monitoring tool.
  • Use a trace tool to look at packets and perform an analysis.
  • Try to use a CDN.
  • Use an HTTP/2 to reduce latency.
  • Reduce the number of HTTP.
  • Use Edge Computing.
  • Try to use Pre-connect, a tool that helps in optimization.

If none of the options work and you do not get rid of all the latency you were facing, try to optimize your connection, as it is the best solution possible by using the right tools, protocols, and directives. As the world is progressing every day, the internet has become a necessity rather than a luxury now.

Every single person wants to browse the internet, listen to his or her favorite songs, or play video games online without any lags or stutters. To avoid all kinds of inconveniences it is better to take all kinds of precautions and knowledge about how the internet works and how the devices work with it.

Some simple tricks and tools are very helpful in reducing latency and lags. Using them will not cause internet stuttering in any way and all people will able to enjoy their internet at the right desirable speed any time they want to.

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