4 Ways To Fix War Thunder Slow Internet Issue

war thunder slow internet
war thunder slow internet

Video games allow you to have the pleasure of interacting and playing the games while sitting at your home on the couch and doing your thing. War Thunder is one such game that has been around for almost a decade, but all that time has not caused the popularity down even a little bit. Not only that, but the game still got an extremely good rating on steam.

War Thunder Slow Internet

War Thunder is a vehicular combat multiplayer game that was released back in 2012. The game is available to be played on a number of platforms including PS 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and more. So, you can have the pick on the console or PC that you like and enjoy the game. Since the game is online, Console is important but you also need to have a good internet speed to play the game flawlessly and without any sorts of errors or issues. Here are a few things that you will have to do if you are getting slow internet speed on the game.

1) Mind the Ping

You will have to mind the ping with all video games, and especially when it comes to War Thunder. It is not about the internet speed only when it comes to playing these online video games. Once you have made sure that you are getting the right speed of internet, you will need to check on the ping.

The lower ping you have, the better your game is going to run. The optimal ping to have is below 100ms on your device for playing war thunder, no matter what internet speed you are getting or what console you are playing the game at. You will have to check on the ping and take the right steps to fix it. If you are unable to get that straight, you will need to contact the ISP and they will be able to fix up the problem for you.

2) Disable VPN

No matter what ISP you are at, VPNs and ping don’t go well together. If you are using the internet connection to make it work on the War Thunder, you need to stay clear of these VPNs that might be causing your pings to raise. These VPNs might also have some effect on your speed and you don’t want to face any sort or problems on that.

To make sure, you will need to check on the VPNs if any, and ensure to disable them properly. That is going to help you out in fixing the internet speed problem that you might be having with your War Thunder gaming experience.

3) Change the Server

Another critical part that you need to know and understand is that these online games are running on multiple servers around the world. Now some of these servers might have more traffic than the others and this traffic problem can affect your speed. This has nothing to do with the ISP or the speed you are getting on your network and some servers in the game are slower than usual at times.

If you are getting some slow internet speed on War Thunder, you will need to try changing the server and then restart the game once. That will optimally help you in fixing the problem for you and you are going to have the perfect gaming experience on the right server that you can play the game without any speed issues on the internet.

4) Lower Game Settings

There might be some other problems that might be causing you to have the issue. While your console or the PC might be able to support those heavy graphics, internet plans come in all limits and you might have an internet plan that might not be enough for supporting those high graphics and animations that you get on the game.

You will need to ensure that you lower the game settings to a point where they can work out well and you don’t have to deal with any lags on the game. Try lowering the resolution and animation detail a bit and that will make the game run smoothly for you.

3 thoughts on “4 Ways To Fix War Thunder Slow Internet Issue”

  1. Lovely.
    and how, pray tell, do you mind a ping?
    What is a VPN and how would one disable it?
    and how would I change the server?

  2. Hi, I have a problem for about 2 months; after the last 4-5 updates the game started to have a big lag (fps). I’ve been playing for a while and I haven’t had any problems so far. I mention that I also changed the US, EU, RU servers… sometimes it works fine, but most of the time the tank doesn’t move, I can shoot, sometimes to catch fire I don’t encounter the problem, only when moving. I REPEAT, this happened after the last 4-5updates. I play in VR (htc vive pro), and the pc is acceptable. I have this problem only in “war thunder” in general in tank mode. I checked (in cmd) and I don’t lose packages in normal traffic (with war thunder off). 2 months ago I had PING about 120-140, and it was going very well. Now I have 150-160.

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