5 Reasons Behind Mint Mobile Delayed Texts

mint mobile delayed texts
mint mobile delayed texts

If you are using Mint Mobile, we are sure that you like the unlimited text messages feature that comes with all the internet plans. However, if you are sending text messages and they are delayed, there is a full troubleshooting guide that you can follow!

Mint Mobile Delayed Texts – Reasons & Solutions

The delayed and missing text messages can be extremely frustrating, particularly when you’ve no idea what’s causing this issue. Honestly, there are various reasons behind delayed texts, such as smartphone malfunctioning, network coverage issues, and bugged messaging app. So, in the section below, let’s check out the solutions that can be tried.

1. Network Connection

First of all, you need to check your network connection because they can be unpredictable and Mint Mobile is one of them. It’s recommended that you check the signal bars on the top of the smartphone screen, and if they are fewer than three, it means that the network connection is weak, which is causing the delayed text messages. That being said, the only solution is to change your location to improve the signal reception. Keep in mind that Mint Mobile works better in metropolitan areas and won’t work if you are in rural areas. On the other hand, if you are already in an area with sufficient network coverage, it’s best that you use the signal booster.

2. Reboot The Smartphone

The second solution that you can try to fix the delayed text messages issue is to reboot the smartphone. With constant use, smartphones get overworked, which hinders network connectivity. That being said, you need to reboot your smartphone to close the background apps and processes. For the reboot, just switch off your smartphone, wait for over five minutes, and turn on the smartphone. When the smartphone turns on, we are sure that the delayed text messages will start coming in.

3. Android Operating System

The third solution that you can try is to update the Android operating system. The Android software updates aren’t regular, but whenever there is an update, you’ve to download and install them to make sure the smartphone works normally. Once the operating system update is downloaded and installed on the smartphone, it’s recommended that you reboot the phone and try sending the text messages again.

4. Cache

Every app on your smartphone has a cache and regular use of these apps can slow down the functions. Similarly, if there is excessive cache on the message app, it’s likely to result in delayed texts. The solution is to open the application manager from the settings, tap on the message app, and hit the “Clear cache and data” button. As a result, the cache will be deleted but you must reboot the smartphone before you try to send or receive new text messages.

5. Network Outage

Last but not least, if there is a network outage of Mint Mobile, it will slow down the connection and there will be a delay in message sending and receiving. So, it’s recommended that you call Mint Mobile customer support and ask them if there is a network outage. If the network outage is there, you’ve to wait for the network to be retrieved.

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