T-Mobile Not Receiving Some Texts: 5 Fixes

t mobile not receiving some texts
t mobile not receiving some texts

Text messages have become the easiest method of communication among people. This is because the text messages can be sent in an instant and the plans are extremely affordable.

For the same reason, T-Mobile has some amazing text message plans but users generally complain about T-Mobile not receiving some texts. To be honest, these text messages can be important which is why we have the solutions available for you!

T-Mobile Not Receiving Some Texts

1) Cache

The cache is the biggest issue with smartphones, and when you are unable to receive text messages, it might be because the messaging app is clogged with the cache. For this reason, you can simply clear the message app’s cache and text message transmission will be streamlined. For the most part, the cache is generally not considered but it can help fix the message issue.

2) SIM Card

When it comes down to an inability to receive text messages, there are chances that the SIM card is not placed correctly. To begin with, you should take out the SIM card from your phone and blow into the slot for clearing the dust. After this, install the SIM card and reboot the phone. Now, switch on the phone and see if the messages work.

On the contrary, if reinstalling the SIM card doesn’t work out for you, there are higher chances that the SIM card is damaged and needs to be changed. In this case, it’s best that you visit the T-Mobile franchise and ask them to replace the SIM card. In case you are worried about the contact number, don’t worry about it your SIM card will be new but the contact number will remain the same.

3) Reset

In multiple cases, you won’t receive some text messages because your phone isn’t working fine. The issues with your phone can be fixed easily by resetting the phone. Keep in mind that the reset will delete everything on your mobile phone, so you must create a backup of everything. When the backup is complete, reset your phone and it should fix the text messages. In addition, you will need to save the Wi-Fi password again as well.

4) APN Settings

For people who don’t know, APN settings are essential for streamlining the text messages, calls, and data working. That being said, if the APN settings aren’t streamlined on your phone, it might be the reason why you aren’t receiving the text messages. For this reason, call T-Mobile customer support and ask them to send the APN settings on your phone. So, just save the APN settings on your phone and the text message transmission will be streamlined for you.

5) Your Extra Features

When we are talking about the T-Mobile services, there are multiple family allowances and message blocking features. That being said, these features will restrict the transmission of text messages. So, see if you’ve switched on those features and disable them.

As a result, you will be able to receive text messages. Lastly, do check the signal strength because if there are fewer than two signal bars, it can result in ineffective transmission.

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