Meraki Source IP And/Or VLAN Mismatch: 5 Fixes

meraki source ip and/or vlan mismatch
meraki source ip and/or vlan mismatch

For those who don’t know, Meraki is the Cisco access point that is developed from high-end components and helps streamline the user experience. It generally helps enhance the user capacity, high-speed connection, and better network coverage. On the contrary, Meraki source IP and/or VLAN mismatch is a common error that users are struggling with, and we are sharing the fixes with you!

Meraki Source IP And/Or VLAN Mismatch

1) DHCP Servers

The first solution is to check out the DHCP server because it can directly influence the network connection and help fix the errors. In particular, you need to check the DHCP servers and make sure that the client is receiving the IP address. In addition, the IP address must be from the correct server because it streamlines the network performance.

2) Reboot

When it comes down to this error or pop-ups, you have to try the renewal of the IP address. In addition, you could try renewing the DHCP address and make sure the IP address is renewed. The IP address can be renewed by rebooting the wireless router. The wireless router can be rebooted by removing the power cable and make sure it stays switched off for a minimum of five minutes. As a result, switch on the wireless router, and it will catch a new IP address.

3) Meraki Support

In case the reboot doesn’t fix this error, we suggest that you call Meraki customer support, and they are highly likely to fix the issue. This is because they can go deeper into the device and see the real root cause of the issue. We are saying this because the issue might be at the internet service provider’s end or has a dropped internet connection.

Moreover, it can be due to misconfiguration of the device, and Meraki is reverting these ineffective configuration settings. So, we suggest that you call Meraki customer support, and they will provide assistance. There are two ways of contacting Meraki customer support. First of all, you can email the issue at [email protected].

If you email them, you must add the customer number to ensure the response is quick. Secondly, you can open the account dashboard, move to the Help tab, and tap on cases. When the cases tab opens up, you need to create a new one (you will be creating the complaint) and let the customer support fix your issue.

4) ISP

For people who are unable to get help from Meraki customer support, you need to call the internet service provider. This is because the internet service provider can fix the backend issues that might be adding to this error. That being said, there are chances that you might have to upgrade your internet packaging to receive a better connection.

5) Hardware

While we are talking about the solutions, you need to keep in mind that there are chances of hardware issues with your access point devices. For this reason, you need to call the technician and ask them to look for the hardware issues. If there are hardware issues, get them fixed, and the error will go away!

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