3 Ways To Troubleshoot Meraki Error 789 

error 789 meraki
error 789 meraki

Having a stable internet connection at your home can be quite relaxing. This is because the service provides you with numerous features. These include watching movies, listening to music, and even playing games.

Though, aside from this, some other things that you can do on your connection are to create separate networks. These connect all of your devices to one central system. After which the user can keep all of their devices in check.

You can even block off certain activities on the network and people will have to request your permission to access these. One of the best network switches that you can purchase is from the company Meraki.

You should note that there are also some problems that you can run into with these. Recently, people have been complaining that their Meraki device shows the error code 789. If you are also getting this then here are some troubleshooting steps that can be used.

Meraki Error 789

  1. Check PSK

When trying to set up a LAN network through the Meraki switches. The user is required to go through some configuration steps. While following a guide that you found online or consulting the manual will help you through this process.

It is important to note that in some cases even a small mistake in these files can stop your service from functioning.

The user will then start getting similar error codes and will have to set up their settings again. The 789-error code in specific refers to the PSK you have used to be either bad or incorrect. This is why the first thing that you should check is this address.

Make sure that it is correct and you can even copy one from a user online. However, if you are still having the same problem then make sure that the last digit of your PSK address ends with an alphanumeric digit. This is a requirement from the device but some users might be able to access the service even without this.

  1. Update Windows

While Windows 10 was the final OS that came out from Microsoft. The system still receives frequent updates which will add in new features and security services for your device. Talking about this, when using a LAN network, all of your devices must be running on the same version.

This is why you should keep all of your devices updated to the latest version of Windows. Simply doing this will prevent your Meraki device from showing error codes like these again.

  1. Check Account

Finally, if the problem persists then the user might be trying to log in with incorrect credentials. If you have the Meraki cloud service running as well then try to sign in with the same password that you used for your account. If it does not work then you are entering in the wrong credentials.

You can reset these through the main website by providing them with your email. Signing in back to your account with the correct credentials will most likely fix the error you were getting. Just make sure that you keep your new password saved at all times.

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