DHCP Warning – Non-Critical Field Invalid In Response: 7 Fixes

dhcp warning - non-critical field invalid in response
dhcp warning – non-critical field invalid in response

For people who use the internet, they would know that there are multiple issues and DHCP warning – non-critical field invalid in response is one of them. This issue can lead to connectivity issues, and the network performance will be impaired. For this reason, we are sharing the solutions that can help fix the error.

DHCP Warning – Non-Critical Field Invalid In Response

To begin with, the DHCP warning error is pretty common with the cable modems. For people using the cable modem, this error is pretty normal. Generally, it doesn’t impact the network and connection performance. However, if there is a DHCP warning error and network issues, you can follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods!

1) Power Levels

In case of this error and network connection issues, the users must check the power levels. For this purpose, the users must ensure that the upstream power level must be between 32 dBm to 58 dBm. On the other hand, the downstream power level must be in the range of -15 dBmV and +15 dBm. In case the power levels are optimized, you can follow the next troubleshooting method!

2) Router

In some cases, the DHCP warning error will occur when you aren’t using the correct router. This is because the routers are designed according to specific internet services. That being said, there are chances that the router is not settling in perfectly. So, we suggest that you call the internet service provider and ask if you are using a suitable router. In case they outline an issue with the router, you will need to replace the router.

3) Firmware

The firmware is an essential part of the modem, and it must be updated at all times. This is because the firmware updates are launched to fix the bugs and errors. That being said, if there is a DHCP warning error, you must look for the firmware update. For installing the firmware update, you must sign up on the official website of router/modem’s and the firmware update will be available. That being said, if the firmware update is available, download and install them.

4) Router

The router must be plugged in correctly to ensure streamlined performance. We are saying this because DHCP warning error might occur due to issues with equipment or signals. That being said, you could try using the router in another outlet. Changing the power outlet will fix the signal errors.

5) Hard Reset

For people who have already tried changing the power outlet and have updated the firmware, you will need to hard reset the modem or router. For the hard reset, the router or modem must be switched on and locate the reset button. When you find the reset button, press it down for around thirty seconds and then release this button.

Further, wait for thirty seconds because it will need some time to reset completely. After thirty seconds, the router or modem will be switched on. On the other hand, the users can also press the reset button for around ninety seconds if the thirty seconds don’t work.

6) DHCP Client Service

For the people who are still struggling with the DHCP warning error, you might need to restart the DHCP client service. For restarting the DHCP client service, the users need to open the system service through services.msc command. The users will need to run the command box through the start menu for this purpose. Then, right-click on the DHCP client service and hit the restart button. It might take a few minutes, but it will resolve the issue!

7) DHCP Service

If restarting the DHCP client service didn’t fix the problem, there are chances that the update is available for the DHCP service. The DHCP service update can be accessed on the Windows website. If the update for DHCP service is available, you must download it, and the DHCP warning issue will be resolved will be resolved.

The final verdict is that these troubleshooting methods should fix the issue. On the contrary, if the issue still persists, you could call the internet service provider. The internet service provider will deliver assistance and help resolve the issue!

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