Verizon Prepaid Data Not Working: 8 Ways To Fix

verizon prepaid data not working
verizon prepaid data not working

Sure, Verizon is famous for its wireless internet plans but they have also designed prepaid data plans. Likewise, Verizon prepaid data not working has become pretty frustrating. However, there is nothing to worry about because we have outlined the fixes that will make your prepaid data plan work optimally.

Verizon Prepaid Data Not Working

1) Airplane Toggle

While using the internet connection through prepaid plans, the signal issues can be evident. With this being said, if the prepaid data is not working, you can switch on the airplane mode (keep it switched on for a few minutes). Then, switch off the airplane mode and there are chances that mobile data will start working optimally.

2) SIM Card

In some cases, nothing is wrong with the prepaid data plan but the SIM card is the culprit. For this purpose, it’s advised that you remove the SIM card from the slot and reinsert it after some time. This reinsertion helps ensure that the SIM card is placed properly and is transmitting proper signals.

3) APNs

APN is responsible for connecting the mobile network provider to the phone and to the mobile internet through prepaid data. With this being said, you could try resetting the APNs because it helps optimize the internet signals. For resetting the APNs, open settings, go to the network and internet tab, and tap on the mobile network. From this tab, hit on the advanced option and then access point names. From the access point name window, tap on the Reset to default option and it will help optimize the connectivity.

4) IPv4/IPv6

Be it IPv4 or IPv6, both of them are internet protocols and are associated with APN. Consequently, you need to check the APN settings on your mobile’s network settings and ensure that it’s running on IPv4 or IPv6 protocols.

5) Manual APN Settings

In some cases, the prepaid data doesn’t work because the APN settings are incorrect. Usually, the APN settings are optimized automatically but you can also set them manually. For this purpose, open the APN list and click on the “+” option and add the APN details of the network (these details can be found from the Verizon website). Once you have added the APN details, hit the save button and it will streamline prepaid data connectivity.

6) Clear Phone Cache

Believe it or not, immense phone cache on your mobile phone can lead to prepaid data connectivity issues. With this being said, you need to clear cache from your mobile phone. As a result, the data connection will be streamlined, especially when you are using prepaid data plans.

7) Network Connection

If the prepaid data is not working on your mobile phone, you can try adding the special code to reset the network. These codes depend on the mobile phones that you are using (it is advised to use the Verizon website and accessing the correct special code for resetting the network.

8) Network Mode

While using the smartphone and prepaid data plans, keep in mind that the smartphone’s default network settings should be enabled for optimal connectivity. For instance, if you have a 4G smartphone, always choose the 4G network mode.

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  1. I had recently located a phone on mine that hasn’t had any prepaid card furnished in months I was wondering if it were possible that I could add minutes to it as we speak..

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