FoxFi Verizon Not Working: 8 Ways To Fix

foxfi verizon not working
foxfi verizon not working

Verizon has internet plans for meeting the needs of different people. FoxFi is an app designed for enabling the wireless hotspot on Android smartphones.

For the same reason, some Verizon users are complaining about FoxFi Verizon not working. However, there is nothing to worry about because we have troubleshooting methods for you!

FoxFi Verizon Not Working

1) Android Version

We have already mentioned that FoxFi is designed to enable wireless hotspot on Android devices. This is why the Android version of your device matters greatly. For this purpose, you need to downgrade the Android version to Marshmallow. Once the Android version is downgraded, disable the app that handles the software updates because you don’t want the update to be downloaded again.

2) Version

When it comes down to using FoxFi, the users need to ensure that they are running the full version of FoxFi. Yes, we understand that the full version can be expensive but it can promise optimum connectivity.

3) Device Home

If you are using the older Android phone versions, you need to know that not subscribed errors will be persistent. As a result, users will not be able to use FoxFi. So, when this error occurs, you need to click on the “go to Verizon mobile” option and press the home key. After this, open the FoxFi again, and it will work.

4) Reinstallation

When you are using the FoxFi app with Verizon and it doesn’t work, you need to know that incorrect app configurations will not work. With this being said, delete the FoxFi app from your smartphone and restart it. Once the phone switches on again, you can download FoxFi again; it is highly likely to resolve the error and you will be able to use FoxFi again.

5) Internet Mode

When it comes down to using the FoxFi app, its functionality depends greatly on the internet mode. For the same reason, it is suggested to use the FoxFi app with a Wi-Fi connection. On the other hand, if a Wi-Fi connection is not available, you can use the mobile data but make sure it’s 4G LTE because it offers high-speed internet signals.

6) VPN

Internet connections have become incredibly complicated these days. For instance, many people blame the app, but in reality, the VPN servers aren’t working at their best. This is because VPN might be timing out (it happens if the function is not completed for thirty seconds). So, it’s high time that you call Verizon and have them optimize their VPN servers for FoxFi to work properly.

7) Firmware

With the Verizon router, the users need to ensure that the latest firmware is installed on the Verizon router. At the same time, you can look for the firmware update on the official Verizon website. If the firmware update is available, download it and FoxFi will start working fine.

8) Hotspot

If you want the FoxFi to work properly on your devices and with Verizon, you will need to ensure that the mobile hotspot is switched on. With Android phones, pull down the notification bar and switch on the mobile hotspot for a better outcome.

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