4 Troubleshooting Tips For Linksys RE7000 No Light

linksys re7000 no light
linksys re7000 no light

Linksys RE7000 is one of the best Wi-Fi range extenders one can find, especially if they are looking for something reliable, high-quality, and affordable. Designed to be set up in two different ways, it’s a great choice for home as well as commercial usage. However, Linksys RE7000 no light is a common occurrence and it’s been bugging a lot of users. If that’s the case with you, you can try out the solutions listed below!

4 Linksys RE7000 No Light Troubleshooting Tips

1. Check The Connection

First of all, if there is no light, there is probably something wrong with the internet connectivity and electric connections. The first is to check if the computer is connected to the extender or not. In particular, you have to ensure that the extender and computer are connected to the same wireless network. In case you aren’t connected to the SSID of the range extender, you should shift to the extender’s SSID to establish a connection – you must enter the correct password.

When you are connected, you can access the web-based setup page to manage the settings. The second thing you’ve to do is to check the wiring connections. For instance, if the wires and cables connected to the range extender appear loose, tightening them will optimize the lights. In addition to this, you need to ensure that the cables and wires aren’t damaged and/or frayed. In case the cables and wiring connections aren’t intact, replacing them is necessary to turn on and stabilize the lights.

2. Indicator Light

If redoing the connections hasn’t helped you out, it is recommended that you check the indicator light because it might be damaged. To be honest, it’s extremely rare for the indicator light to go bad but it is worth a shot. So, just use a multimeter to see the continuity in the lights – if there is no continuity, you have to get the LED indicator light replaced. However, we suggest that you have an electrician replace the light to make sure the connections are done properly.

3. Reboot

Changing the indicator light can be a tedious process for many people, which is why it’s better that you reboot the range extender to see if it reverts the lights’ functionality. For performing a reboot on your range extender, you have to disconnect the range extender from the main power source, wait for a few minutes, and connect it again. There are high chances that lights will turn on and you should wait to let the extender boot up before you use the internet.

4. Connectivity

Another solution is to determine the device’s connectivity to the range extender. For this purpose, you can perform a ping test to trace communication between the extender and the device you are using for browsing the internet. Keep in mind that you need access to the extender’s IP address or you can simply use, as it’s a default address. On the contrary, if the default IP address doesn’t work, just check the DHCP client table of the extender to gain information. As far as the ping test is concerned, consult the manual to gain information about the step-by-step ping test guide.

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