Kodi Erotik Error: 3 Ways To Fix

kodi erotik error
kodi erotik error

Kodi is a streaming application that you can install on any device. This even includes gaming consoles and modems that can have access to the internet. After making up your account, users are required to purchase a package for themselves. The main difference between them is the features that you will get and the total number of channels.

Although, if you want some show of your liking to be added to your library then you can use the video-on-demand feature. Aside from this, you can also add a bunch of plugins to this device. While adding the Erotik plugin you might get an error on Kodi. If this happens to you as well then here is how you can fix it.

Kodi Erotik Error

  1. Reboot System

One of the first things that you can try is to reboot your system. This is because both the Kodi application and most devices store up temporary data files from their users. These contain their behavior patterns and allow devices to process data faster using these. This ends up giving you a much more stable experience, although, you should note that these files need to be deleted.

Sometimes, your device can have trouble deleting them on its own and it then starts to slow down. This also causes problems like plugins and add-ons not working. If this happens then it is recommended that you power cycle your system. This will give both the application as well as your system or device enough time to get rid of all these cache files. Make sure that you keep your device switched off for at least 2 to 3 minutes before switching it back on.

  1. Update Add-On

Aside from this, in some cases, if your add-on is not working then there might be an update on it. The Erotik add-on has had many updates released on it. All of these fix any prior problems that the plugin had. Considering this, if you haven’t updated your add-on in some time now then it is best that you down the latest version for it from the internet.

Additionally, make sure that your internet is stable throughout the process so that there is no problem with the files. Lastly, another thing to keep in mind is that the version you are running does not have any issues. You can check this by taking a look at all the reviews. Sometimes even the latest update can have some troubles so it is better that you keep running a much reliable one.

  1. Reinstall Plugin

If you are still having the same problem then it is recommended that you re-install your plugin again. The complete process to download and configure the Erotik add-on is given on their website.

You can easily follow the steps to complete the process. However, if you are still having issues trying to configure the extension then you can watch a complete video guide that is also given on the website. This should allow you to fix your problem and you can then start enjoying the Erotik plugin.

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