Kodi OpenSubtitles Error: 6 Ways To Fix

kodi opensubtitles error
kodi opensubtitles error

Kodi is a fine choice for people who are fond of TV shows and movies. This is because Kodi helps manage the content. However, people often use subtitles because it helps understand the content if the video is low-quality.

For this purpose, people often use OpenSubtitles. On the contrary, Kodi OpenSubtitles error is pretty common for such users. With this article, we are outlining the troubleshooting methods to fix the error!

Kodi OpenSubtitles Error

1) Log-in Issues

In the majority of cases, the error occurs because of log-in issues with OpenSubtitles. Truth be told, the log-in issues are pretty common with OpenSubtitles. If you are suspecting log-in issues, you have to wait for the technicians to solve this. We suggest that you call Kodi customer support to ask if the log-in issue is there. However, if there is no log-in issue with OpenSubtitles, you can move to the next troubleshooting method!

2) VPN

VPN is widely used by people amidst security and protection issues. People use VPNs to create anonymity for the devices. So, if there is an OpenSubtitles error with Kodi, there are chances that your VPN connection is disturbing the Kodi connectivity.

That being said, if you are using the VPN connection with Kodi and OpenSubtitles, it’s better that you switch it off. On the contrary, if you cannot switch off the VPN connection, you can simply change the location.

3) IP Address Or IP Server

The IP address or server is incredibly important for streamlining the functionality of Kodi with OpenSubtitles. In case you are still struggling with the error, you need to change the IP address or IP server. This is because changing these factors will streamline the connection, and you won’t have Kodi OpenSubtitles error.

4) Reinstall

Keep in mind that in the majority of cases, the error occurs because of bugs and minor configuration issues. For this reason, we suggest that you delete the OpenSubtitles addon with Kodi. When you delete the addon, switch off the Kodi device (for rebooting, of course). In addition, when the Kodi device switches on, you can reinstall the OpenSubtitles addon, and it’s highly likely to fix the error!

5) Account

Believe it or not, having the OpenSubtitles account will resolve the majority of errors. Similarly, it can fix the error with Kodi OpenSubtitles. To begin with, create the account on OpenSubtitles. Then, download and install the OpenSubtitles addon on the Kodi device. Once you’ve installed the OpenSubtitles addon, use the OpenSubtitles account’s log-in credentials to log-in to the addon.

As a result, there will be no error, and OpenSubtitles will work optimally with Kodi. When you log into OpenSubtitles, it’s best that you reboot the Kodi device before using it!

6) Customer Support

If you have tried every troubleshooting method from this article and the error is still there, you should call customer support. In particular, you have to call Kodi customer support because they can analyze the connection. Even more, they will provide the backend troubleshooting that has higher chances of fixing the errors!

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