Keep WiFi On During Sleep: Why You Should Have This Feature Enabled?

keep wifi on during sleep
keep wifi on during sleep

Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep

A lot of apps on your smartphone use Wi-Fi to show you updated content. Even if you’re not using the apps they’re still running in the background and using your Wi-Fi. This includes your calendar, weather app, Social media apps, and much more. If you want to keep yourself updated then it is recommended that your Wi-Fi should always be turned on.

The majority of people are not aware of what the “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” feature does in their smartphones. To save battery smartphones go into sleep mode when they’re not being used. This causes a lot of apps that were operating in the background to stop. If you have disabled the “keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” feature on your phone then your Wi-Fi will disconnect from your smartphone as soon as it goes to sleep.

This can cause the apps that rely on a constant Wi-Fi connection to stop working until the Wi-Fi is turned back on. This may include your Gmail app which won’t show you updated mail. It will also cause any downloading\uploading you were doing.

Why you should have this feature enabled

The majority of people have this feature enabled on their smartphones simply because they want to keep themselves updated. This includes receiving notifications from your social media apps. You will instantly receive any mail or text people send you even if your phone is on sleep mode.

To turn this feature on you have to simply swipe down and click the settings icon. After that go to your Wi-Fi settings. From there click advanced settings and enable the “Keep Wi-Fi on during Sleep” feature. After this simply exit out and from now on your phone will not disconnect from Wi-Fi whenever it goes to sleep.

Having this feature disabled also causes your phone to take longer to fetch your mail even when the Wi-Fi is turned back on. What you have to consider is the utility that Wi-Fi provides and whether or not it is worth more for you to keep your Wi-Fi on at all times than to save a bit of your phone battery. Moreover, the impact of Wi-Fi on your battery is not so significant unless you’re not planning on charging your phone for a long time.

If you can’t find this feature on your phone. Then one possible fix you can follow to sort out this issue is to simply update your smartphone software. The older versions of android do not have this feature so give your phone a quick update and this function will start showing up in your Wi-Fi advanced settings.

If you have turned this feature on but your Wi-Fi still keeps on disconnecting then it is likely that you have another battery optimization app installed. Which is causing your Wi-Fi to disconnect as soon as you stop using your phone. Just browse through your installed apps to find it. After that just uninstall it and your issue will most probably be fixed.

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  1. My Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep setting has gone, I cannot find this setting.
    So I want to receive notification when the phone is in deep sleep.

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