Is T-mobile Bill Paid In Advance? (Explained)

is tmobile bill paid in advance
is tmobile bill paid in advance

Out of all the different wireless networking services provided in the United States,  T-Mobile successfully secures the third rank. But there has been a rumored question flying around virally that “Is T-Mobile bill paid in advance?” If you are also interested in finding out the answer to the same or some similar question to this one, stick with us through this article to know all about T-Mobile’s postpaid billing system. Whether you’re an old T-Mobile user or planning to move onto the T-Mobile network, this information can greatly influence your decision and help you make the right choice for you.

About T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the top third selling brand in the United States in terms of telecom services and products. It is a name given to the mobile communications subsidiaries of none other than the popular German telecommunications company officially known as “Deutsche Telekom AG”. Not oy in the US, but T-Mobile is actively marketing its various telecommunication services in the markets of Czech Republic, Netherlands, Polska Poland, and in Hungary as well.

Is T-Mobile Bill Paid In Advance?

T-Mobile PostPaid Billing System

The billing system that T-Mobile uses for its postpaid plans is called as a billed current system. In this system, all the billed payments are due during the current billing cycle of each month that works for the ‘postpaid’ plans.

For example, if your billing cycle starts on the 2nd of each month, then all your payment for the current cycle will be due in the 10 days being accounted before that period expires.  The mentioned date on your first bill will only show you the original days which are accounted for before the cycle.

Some Additional Billing Details

You should also know that most postpaid T-Mobile accounts are billed for the network services at the very beginning of the billing cycle. This way the bills are due within those same bill cycle dates.

Basically the billing system of T-Mobile postpaid services follows a kind of general advance payment rule. All the monthly excess charges that include your purchases that are linked to your T-Mobile account whether long distanced or short. These are also included but still, you are billed post-period for these. Additionally, the balance check goes to prove if you’re worthy enough for availing EIP balances. No matter the cell phone you use belongs to the T-Mobile brand or not.

T-Mobile – Bill Current

As we have already said that T-Mobile bills their customers for using their postpaid services with the help of Bill Current System, you should know that you’re being billed at the starting of your billing cycle. You are also billed within certain given due dates for adjusting and recurring charges that remain within that same billing cycle. This is to say looks like you’re being billed a little ahead of your normal billing cycle with a close date.


Hope you’ve understood everything and find the answer to “Is T-Mobile Bill Paid in Advance?” Don’t forget to leave your remarks in the comments.

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