Is NET10 And SafeLink Compatible? (Answered)

is net10 and safelink compatible
is net10 and safelink compatible

Are you tired of your heavy cell phone bills that are much greater than your monthly budget plans? Sick of those slow internet speeds that cause buffering while streaming movies, watching YouTube videos or enjoying Netflix series. We all have suffered this at some point. And if you’re so done of facing all these net issues with your current internet brand and thinking about what network should you choose next, we have a solution. Below in this article, you will find information about is net10 and Safelink compatible. So you can easily choose between them.

Is NET10 And SafeLink Compatible

About Net10 Wireless

Net10 Wireless is a telecommunication service providing mobile virtual network operators working to serve the people of the United States. It is a subsidiary of TracFone. It doesn’t have its own network of servers but uses the servers of all the largest four cellular networks that is AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. This is why net10’s coverage is always great in shape and rarely faces any issues. Besides that, it also offers fast upload and download speeds of the internet.

Advantages of Net10

  • Globally Excellent Coverage due to server usage of all four top network carriers.
  • Blazing fast Upload and Download speeds along with 4G LTE data plans.
  • The choice is given to you that you can even bring your own mobile phone device.
  • There is no activation fee required.

Downsides To NET10 Wireless

Net10 wireless provides great services but for that, the company also charges a reasonably expensive amount which is more than other network carriers. Furthermore, bad customer reviews have been seen about their customer care help desk.

  • Very expensive plans than others.
  • No unlimited 4G LTE data plans.
  • Customers are charged $.15 per minute for international calling and that too excluding the airtime.
  • Extra Expensive hotspot feature for mobile data Sharing.
  • Music streaming is not data-free.
  • Poor customer service

About Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless is the second option at hand which comes at the closest of Net10 Wireless in terms of MVNOs that are this much capable in providing top class telecom services. Safelink Wireless is known to focus its telecommunication services particularly in providing services to different states of America. Safelink offers a vast variety of telecom services starting from wireless data plans to affordable fast cable plans. It may not be as popular as the Net10 Wireless brand yet but is currently serving over 20 million subscribers as it is a program launched by none other than the popular TracFone Wireless, Inc.

Services Offered By Safelink

Safelink Wireless is associated with TracFone which itself uses the network if servers on leases and agreements. This means that it provides great coverage without actually owning the towers. This way, Safelink Wireless also provides great coverage however, the coverage may not be similar to Net10’s but it can be considered as compatible.

With Safelink’s services you are not bound to any type of contract so it’s a contract-free zone where you can come and go wherever you like. But a turn off point about Safelink Wireless is that its services are only limited to one single person per household which means there’s no routing or sharing of your data plan with anyone whether your friend or family member.

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  1. Safelink/ Net10 has been the worst companies to deal with in my 30 years of owening cell phones. I have purchased data from both of them so I could go online.
    I have spent more money in 2 months on data trying to get them to keep my data online for more then 2 days at a time then I have in 6 months with other cell services. Hour of my time is spent on the phone with their customer service, tech tech service and being transfered to managers, supervisors more then 3 times per call every other day. Each time they give me a different reason why they failed my service. They promise it’s fixed and then it happened again. If I could I would leave them but I’m on a government program and can’t afford to. I whish they had a complaint dept. But no, its government and they don’t care about us little people.

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