8 Ways To Fix Arlo Pro Camera Slow Internet Issue

arlo pro camera slow internet
arlo pro camera slow internet

With the increasing crime rates, people are extremely conscious about the security of their homes. For this reason, Arlo Pro Camera is a famous choice because it’s a security camera, so you can keep an eye on the surrounding. However, Arlo Pro Camera slow internet issue is pretty frustrating because it adversely impacts access to a security camera. With this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods for resolving slow internet issues!

Arlo Pro Camera Slow Internet

1) Speed Test

To begin with, the users need to ensure if there is an internet issue or if the issue occurs with the Arlo Pro camera. You could try using the internet speed test. With this being said, you should check the speed test while connected to the camera and without connecting the camera. If there is no internet speed difference, the issue lies on the internet. Now that you are affirmed that the internet is the main issue, you can move to the next troubleshooting method.

2) Reboot

This troubleshooting method might sound like a cliché but it can solve basic internet issues. With this being said, the users need to reboot the internet router. This is because rebooting the router refreshes the internet signals and the slow internet issue will be resolved for the security camera. While you are at rebooting the router, you could try rebooting the camera as well because it helps ensure proper connectivity of the router and security camera.

3) Wireless Interference

With the Arlo Pro camera, the slow internet might be because of wireless interferences. The wireless interference will adversely impact the internet connectivity for security cameras. With this being said, you could try moving the wireless router closer to the camera system or setup. In addition, there must be lesser interferences with the wireless signals.

For instance, there must not be too many electronics around the router because it can impact the signal quality and cause interference. With this being said, if there are electronics around the router, try to remove them and wireless interferences will be resolved. In addition, you need to reduce the distance between the wireless routers and the base station of the camera.

4) Signal Strength

The signal strength is essential for the Arlo Pro Camera to work/function properly. For this purpose, the users need to ensure that the wireless signal strength is strong enough. In this case, you need to place the router at a central location because it ensures that the router receives optimal wireless signals and strong signal strength. Once the signal strength is optimized, the security camera will work optimally.

5) Base Station

With the Arlo Pro Cameras, the users need to be extremely mindful of the base station. To begin with, the base station must be placed closer to the cameras. This is important because it helps improve the wireless signal strength. Also, when you are relocating the base station, make sure that the number of electronics or wireless devices is less. As a result, the internet will be high-speed, hence a better gaming experience.

6) Battery Life

When the Arlo Pro Camera has an internet issue, it is mainly because there are configuration issues that hinder the performance. For fixing this issue, it’s best to choose the best battery life settings for the camera. Keep in mind that it will reduce the resolution but the internet issue will be resolved for sure. Also, if not needed, you could try reducing the number of cameras streaming because it reduces internet consumption. As a result, the desired camera will have a stable and high-speed internet connection.

7) Call The ISP

When it comes down to internet issues, it’s best that you call the internet service provider. This is because they can monitor your internet connection and will share the troubleshooting methods accordingly. Also, before they share the troubleshooting methods, they might troubleshoot your internet connection from their end. Therefore, the internet speed issue will be fixed with Arlo Pro Cameras.

8) Support Services

If you have already tried calling the internet service provider and they weren’t able to fix the issue for you, you can call the Arlo Support Team. This will help resolve the connection issues with the camera or the configuration issues. As a result, the connectivity issues will be resolved and Arlo Pro Camera will start working properly!

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