4 Ways To Fix Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Not Showing On All Devices

linksys smart wifi not showing all devices
linksys smart wifi not showing all devices

Wireless connections have been around for a long time. In the same way, there has been evident progress in the field. This is why Linksys has designed the Smart Wi-Fi feature with which users can monitor the devices and change the router settings.

In contrast, some people have Linksys Smart Wi-Fi not showing all devices issue that impacts the connectivity. However, you can solve this issue by following the easy fixes mentioned in this article!

How To Fix Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Not Showing On All Devices

1. DHCP Server

While using the internet connection, the users need to be careful about each feature and property. So, if Linksys is not showing all devices, it’s better to start by enabling the DHCP server. For enabling the DHCP server, log in to your router by entering your login credentials on the login page. This will open the web-based setup page from where you need to scroll to the network setup.

From the network setup tab, you can check if the DHCP server is enabled. In case the DHCP server is disabled, tap on the “enabled radio button” and hit the save settings button. Then, open the status tab and tap on the local network option. Further, go to the DHCP Server section and tap on the DHCP client table. As a result, the users will be able to access and monitor the devices.

2. Reboot

When it comes down to the Smart Wi-Fi switch with Linksys, the users need to reboot it by powering it off. Also, you can power on the switch after a few minutes, and the switch will work optimally. In addition to the Smart Wi-Fi switch, one should try rebooting the nodes. For rebooting the node, look at the bottom of the device, and there will be a node button.

You need to press and hold this button, and it will start fading in various pulses (three or four, to be specific). It’s better that you keep pressing the button until the light turns red.

3. Firmware

Be it the Smart W-Fi or the node, the users must ensure that all of them have the latest firmware. This is because firmware helps optimize the internet connection and streamlines the network configuration. We suggest that you sign up on the Linksys account and look for the firmware of your node as well as the switch. Also, if you are using the Smart Wi-Fi app, you can look for its update as well because the app updates are released with bug fixes.

4. IP Address

While using the internet connection with Smart Wi-Fi and persistent device monitoring issues, ensuring the correct settings is essential. For instance, the IP address of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi switch should be similar to other devices connected to the network. That’s to say because IP addresses are essential for identifying the devices and making them a part of the network.

The bottom line is that Smart Wi-Fi by Linksys is a rather new feature, and it might have some initial glitches. For that reason, it is better to call Linksys customer support, and they will provide assistance accordingly!

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