Is Investigation Discovery Available On Comcast?

investigation discovery comcast
investigation discovery comcast

For everyone who loves to enjoy the murder mysteries and thrillers, we are pretty sure that they would be interested in the Investigation Discovery. It is basically a channel that’s loaded with different TV shows and documentaries. The channel is available through different cable TV services, and Comcast is no different. So, if you are a Comcast user, we have added information about Investigation Discovery Comcast in this article. Have a look!

Comcast & Investigation Discovery

Sure, Xfinity was offering the ID before, but the recently developed package by Xfinity impacted this support. This is because the new package doesn’t have Investigation Discovery. Given these changes, the users won’t be able to access the episodes of the channel on the Investigation Discovery Go App. This is mainly because the full access to episodes demands a subscription to the Xfinity package.

Xfinity has designed special packages through which users can access Investigation Discovery. However, even Xfinity got away from this because the new packages don’t have the access available. We would like to make one thing clear that the elimination is not because of negotiations or contracts. As for now, Xfinity doesn’t have any plan on including ID.

The experts are saying that customers and subscribers should try pressurizing Xfinity about ID and ask them to bring back the channel support. This is because the higher customer demand might push Xfinity to add the channel back to the support line-up. Some people have tried calling Comcast and Xfinity about it.

According to them, they weren’t able to create an agreement during the negotiations, which resulted in the elimination of ID. On the other hand, the ID email clearly says that there were no disputes regarding the contracts. With this being said, there are very few chances that Xfinity brings back ID, but the customer pressure might work, so do try at your end.

The Popularity of Investigation Discovery

At the time of launch, Investigation Discovery was all about ancient history, but the dynamics changed when the channel introduced crimes. Back in 2002, The NY Times purchased some stakes but fast forward to 2008; Investigation Discovery became what we know of it today; the well-integrated and purely the crime network channel.

The popularity of Investigation Discovery was incremented when Law & Order gained popularity, and it became famous among the target audience. With this being said, ID wanted to cash in the user interest, and it’s pretty clear that Investigation Discovery became a big hit. Ever since the channel was launched, the channel has been creating and providing high-end crime content in the form of documentaries and TV shows.

When Xfinity and Comcast had Investigation Discovery, it could be accessed on channel ID 111. In some cases, Comcast users are able to access the Investigation Discovery channel in some areas, and it is pretty clear that it can vary with the location. With this being said, it is suggested to check the channel guide and see if the channel is available in your area. In case the channel is not available, there is nothing you can do about it!

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