Comcast $29.99 Deal: What You Need To Know

comcast $29.99 deal
comcast $29.99 deal

Comcast is the largest cable TV provider, the largest Home Internet Service Provider, and the third-largest home telephone service provider in the US. The company’s extensive experience, wide customer base, and state of the art infrastructure have allowed it to bring some of the most competitive packages for the customers.

One of the most lucrative, recently announced packages from Comcast is the Comcast Xfinity Internet Package that starts from $29.99. Here are the details of the Comcast $29.99 deal and some other lucrative packages from the company.

Comcast $29.99 Deal

About a year ago, Comcast announced a very lucrative package for the consumers. The package was specifically aimed at consumers looking for fast and reliable Internet at an affordable price. Priced at $29.99 only the package offered 25 MBPS internet. The best part about the deal was that it did not bind the customers in a 12-month contract.

Usually getting stuck into a contract is a deal-breaker for many of the consumers who are looking for a new Internet connection. If you are stuck in a contract and there is some issue with your Internet, for example, some service-related or speed-related issues, then you cannot opt-out of the package as you are bound by the contract. However, Comcast struck a chord with the consumers by announcing an Internet package with absolutely no contract for the first 12 months.

The Comcast $29.99 deal was ideal for those looking to enjoy live streaming of television, do gaming, surf the web, or just use the Internet for work purposes. The 25MBPS allows you to do pretty much anything that does not require extraordinarily high Internet speed. So it was a great package for the Internet users looking to have fast and reliable internet for everyday home-usage. Another great thing about this package was that it came with a 30 Day Money Back guarantee from Comcast.

The usual Comcast Internet Packages that are currently listed on their website require the users to sign up for at least 1 year. The lowest package starts from $25 only and it offers 25 MBS speed. The only difference between this package and the previously announced $29.99 package is the 12-month agreement.  If the agreement is not an issue for you and you are looking to avail the Internet services for more than 12 months which most of the users usually are, then Comcast’s $25 package is one of the most lucrative ones to consider.

Just in case you are looking for packages with even higher Internet speeds, Comcast has some other great packages as well. They currently offer a download speed of up to 300 MBPS in their $50 package and a download speed of up to 600 MBPS in their $70 package. Like the $25 package, these packages also require the users to sign up for a 12-month agreement.

Comcast is one of the most reliable and fast Internet service providers in the US. They currently have some amazing packages available that you can check on the company’s website. Comcast regularly updates its packages and announces new deals for the consumers and Comcast $29.99 deal was one such deal that gained extraordinary success thanks to its no contractual nature.

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