5 Solutions For Internet Works On Everything But PC

internet works on everything but pc
internet works on everything but pc

It’s pretty evident that advanced gadgets have become an essential part of our daily lives, and most of them actually depend on the internet to work properly. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the internet is a commonly used wireless network and is used on a myriad of devices, including PCs. However, some users encounter the internet works on everything but PC errors, but there are potential solutions that are mentioned in this article!

Internet Works On Everything But PC

1. Reboot

To begin with, you need to reboot your PC because there could be something wrong in the software configuration or settings that are causing the internet connectivity issue. For this purpose, you need to shut off the PC and wait for over ten minutes. After these ten minutes, just start the PC again and try connecting to the internet, and we are sure the internet will be streamlined. Also, while you are rebooting, we suggest that you plug out the power cables as well.

2. Interference

In various cases, internet connectivity is hindered when there are electronic or physical interferences around the PC. To begin with, you need to install your PC away from electronic home appliances and smartphones. In addition to this, you need to ensure that the PC isn’t surrounded by walls and cabinets because these are physical hindrances that often limit the internet connection. Once these interferences are removed, try connecting your PC to the internet and start using the internet!

3. Frequency

In the majority of cases, the wireless networks are similar, and they use the same frequency, which often slows down the internet connection. For this purpose, we suggest that you open the wireless internet settings and choose the wireless frequency other than what’s currently set. For instance, if you are currently connected to a 2.4GHz wireless frequency, you can shift to the 5GHz wireless frequency and vice versa. It will ensure that the new frequency you are connected to isn’t overused.

4. Operating System

If you have tried the mentioned troubleshooting solutions, but they don’t work, and the PC is still showing a slow internet issue, there are chances that the operating system is corrupt. People tend to download different apps and software on the PC, which can corrupt Windows. Even more, there are some viruses that slow down the internet speed. As far as the solution is concerned, you have to install the operating system updates, such as Windows system updates. In addition to this, you have to install the antivirus apps to make sure no virus impacts the internet connectivity.

5. Drivers

The last solution for speeding up the internet connection is to work on the Wi-Fi drivers. It’s needless to say that people usually don’t upgrade the Wi-Fi drivers, which adversely impacts their ability to connect to the wireless connection. So, open the adapter settings and see if there are Wi-Fi driver updates available. In fact, when you click on the drivers, the update will automatically start. Lastly, when the drivers are upgraded, you should reboot the PC before using the internet!

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