Linksys AE6000 Slow Connection? Try These 5 Methods

linksys ae6000 slow connection
linksys ae6000 slow connection

People who want on-the-go internet access often use Wi-Fi USBs, and Linksys AE6000 is actually one of the most promising choices. These USBs can be plugged into laptops and computers to connect to the internet on the go. However, there have been complaints about Linksys AE6000 slow connection, and we are sharing some of the tried-and-tested methods to speed up the internet connection!

Linksys AE6000 Slow Connection

1. Wireless Band Limits

The Wi-Fi devices are designed to communicate through two different bands, such as 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz band is supported by the majority of devices, but it is prone to interferences, which makes it slow. On the other hand, 5GHz is more reliable and has a faster internet speed, but it tends to have a shorter range.

This USB dongle is designed to support both wireless bands, so it’s time to shift from the 2.4GHz wireless band to the 5GHz wireless band. It will help increase the internet speed as the data packets will be quickly transmitted. On the contrary, if you have to stick to the 2.4GHz wireless band, you must use the advanced Wi-Fi standard rather than using the mixed or legacy mod.

2. Positioning

The majority of people don’t pay heed to the positioning of a USB dongle, but it can be a deal-breaker for the internet connection. Ideally, you should connect the Linksys AE6000 to the router and place it near the desktop, and it will improve the reliability of the internet signals. This is because it eliminates the chances of interruption between the internet signals. On the other hand, if you cannot place it any closer, you need to opt for a USB extender as it extends and improves the internet signals.

3. Internal Antennas

If you have a Linksys AE6000, there are high chances that it has internal antennas, and these antennas often get damaged, which slows down the internet connection. In addition, the internal antennas are extremely compact, which also limits the signal reception. Honestly, there is no clear solution to this issue other than investing in a Wi-Fi USB dongle with external antennas, as they can be extended to increase the internet signal reception.

4. Internet Plan

Since Linksys AE6000 is a compact Wi-Fi dongle, it is clear that it won’t have much signal reception, which means it won’t be able to support high-speed internet plans. For this reason, you need to discuss it with the internet service provider and make sure you are subscribing to the internet plan that’s actually supported by the dongle. Keep in mind that if the internet plan is too huge for the USB dongle, it will limit the internet connectivity.

5. USB Port

The last thing you need to do is to check the USB port. This is because the USB 2.0 port can support the maximum internet speed of around 480Mbps, but given the hardware and protocol overhead, you won’t be able to hit such internet value. So, it’s best that you try to connect Linksys AE6000 with another port or upgrade the device to something that works with USB port 2.0.

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