Internet Widgits Pty Ltd Untrusted Certificate Pop-up: Is It A Virus?

internet widgits pty ltd untrusted certificate pop-up
internet widgits pty ltd untrusted certificate pop-up

Using the internet has become more of a necessity for some people nowadays. This is considering the fact that they have decided to move all their personal and important data online. This allows users to access these files no matter where they are if they have a stable internet connection.

Additionally, you can even send stuff to your friends, family, or even colleagues through the internet. Aside from this, there are countless other benefits that this service provides to its users.

Internet Widgits Pty Ltd Untrusted Certificate Pop-up

While you might enjoy using the internet, you need to remember that your personal data and files might get infected with a virus. This cannot only result in you losing all of these but instead someone might even be able to steal them. Talking about this some users have reported that they have been getting an error ‘Untrusted certificate Pop-uP; Internet Widgits Pty Ltd’ while using their internet. If you have been getting this issue as well then you might be confused about what it means.

Is It A Virus?

The first question that might come to your mind after looking at this error may be ‘Is it a virus?’. The short answer for this is ‘yes’. But it might vary for some users. While this error usually appears on systems that have been infected with potential malware, it might sometimes end up being from a malfunction in some of your applications. The error message will usually contain numeric values which can help you in finding out which application might be causing this.

Even if you are able to find the application, it might be stored up in different locations all over your system. This makes it extremely hard to pin down the exact file causing this error. On the other hand, if it is a virus, then it will keep on infecting other files as well. This is why it is recommended that you take action right after you encounter this problem. By doing this, you can prevent your data from getting damaged or even stolen.

How to Get Rid of This?

There are many ways that you can get rid of this error message. However, the first thing that you should do is to run an antivirus program on your system. If you do not have one already installed then you can easily find a list of reliable software from the internet. This should help in stopping the virus from spreading any further and might even delete it. Although, if your certificates have already been damaged then the antivirus will not fix them.

It can be quite difficult to find all the damaged certificates in your device’s registry editor and then fixing them one by one. Considering this you should use a certificate or registry repairing program that you can easily get from the internet. While downloading any software online, make sure that you read the reviews about it and use a reliable website. This is so that you don’t end up infecting your system with a virus again.

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