Bitdefender Slow Internet Connection: 3 Ways To Fix

slow internet connection bitdefender
slow internet connection bitdefender

The internet can help people to find useful stuff as well as contact each other through online text messages or even calls. You even have the option to store up your data online through backup or uploading it on drives. You can then share this data with your colleagues, friends, and even family. This is a really simple process that allows you to keep your memories safe. However, sometimes your devices might get infected by viruses.

To prevent this from happening, people install antivirus programs on their devices. These ensure that the devices are kept safe and secure. Talking about this one of the best antivirus programs around is Bitdefender. While it might be a great program, some Bitdefender users have reported that they are getting a slow internet connection. If this has happened to you as well, then here some steps that should help you in getting rid of this problem.

Bitdefender Slow Internet Connection

  1. Disable Firewall

Most antivirus programs, including Bitdefender, come with a firewall system installed into them. This protects their users from any malicious activity while browsing the internet. Although, in some cases, this might end up slowing down the speed of your connection. There can be many reasons for this, for instance, the firewall might be identifying the website you are using as insecure. Whatever the reason might be, if you getting this problem then one way to fix this is by disabling your firewall.

You can easily access this by opening up your antivirus program. After this, locate the option labeled as ‘protection’. This should be in the left tab in most versions on the program. After opening it up, you will see that all the features provided by this program are listed in front of you. Find the firewall panel and open it up. You can now disable this feature to confirm if the firewall was causing the problem.

  1. Change Firewall Settings

If you are uncomfortable with keeping your firewall disabled then you can change up its settings to fix the problem. This will allow you to use the internet at full speed without your program interfering with the connection. To do so, start with going back to the firewall settings. You can follow the steps mentioned in the step above to open them. Now, instead of switching off the firewall, locate and open up the settings. You should notice that a pop-up will appear on your screen. Proceed to open up the tab labeled as ‘settings’ again.

Now go to the ‘Port scan protection’ and switch off this feature. You can now change the stealth settings of your program. Open these up and click on edit. Now locate the network adapter you are using to connect with the internet connection from here and switch it off. Finally, move on to open up the network adapters tab. Change the settings for your adapter to home and office use from here and then save up all of your settings. Now give your system a reboot so that these changes can successfully configure onto the program. You should now notice that the speed of your connection has now improved.

  1. Delete VPN Program

Sometimes people use VPN programs to have access to websites that have been region locked. Alternatively, these programs might also be used to keep the user secure. However, one thing to note is that most VPN software and programs on your system will end up slowing down your internet speed. Talking about this, if you are using one then that might be the reason for your slow connection. To fix this, you can disable the program that you are using or even uninstall it from your device. If you don’t want to then you can try to set up an exception for your VPN in the firewall.

While this may not give you the full possible speed of your connection. It might still be able to improve the speed by a little. To set up the exception, go to your firewall settings. Now locate the tab for ‘application exceptions’ from here and open it up. You can now either find your VPN from this list or browse it manually from the system. Now save these settings after adding your VPN to the exceptions list.

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  1. Have done all the 3 methods, the only thing helped to increase the internet speed was uninstalling Bitdefender, I do have a 3 yrs license out of which only quarter being used, I think I’ve purchased the wrong item. Its too bad from bitdefender team..

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