(5 Fixes) I Reset My Router And Now Can’t Connect To The Internet Spectrum

i reset my router and now can't connect to the internet spectrum
i reset my router and now can’t connect to the internet spectrum

Internet connection issues are pretty common, and in most cases, people choose to reset their internet connection to optimize the internet connectivity. However, there are times when people are unable to use Spectrum internet even after the reset. So, if you have recently reset the Spectrum internet but it’s not working, we have a comprehensive guide that can fix the internet connectivity issues.

I Reset My Router And Now Can’t Connect To The Internet Spectrum

1. Modem

First of all, you need to check your internet modem and check if it’s working properly. The modems wear down with time, and their configuration is often compromised. Even more, the modems with outdated internet standards can prevent the users from connecting to the internet. It is suggested to use the modem with 11ac internet standards to make sure there are no configuration errors. In addition, you must remember that a regular upgrade of a modem is essential to keep the internet working optimally.

2. Cables

If you are already using an advanced modem, but the internet issue is still there, you have to check the cables. This is because the cables are important for transmitting the internet signals from the router to other devices. So, when these cables are damaged, they lead to connectivity issues, and you won’t be able to use the internet even if you reset the connection. To inspect the cables, you have to inspect the cables originating from the main control to the router and modem for damages. If there is damage and scuffing on the cables, the only solution is to replace the cables.

3. Internet

There are times when there is nothing wrong with the internet cables and modems, and the problem lies with the internet service provider. In various cases, the problem occurs when the internet servers are down at the backend. The only solution for this problem is to call your internet service provider and ask them about the internet servers. If the internet servers are down, likely, they are already trying to fix the problem, so just wait.

4. Setup

When you reset your router, it is needless to say that all the Wi-Fi and router settings will be deleted, which could be limiting the internet connectivity. For this reason, you might have to set up the router again to gain access to a stable internet connection, just like you did when you first purchased the router. Similarly, you might have to connect to the gateway for entering the user details, but you can always get more assistance from the internet service provider.

5. Ethernet Connection

In case you have already tried all the possible solutions mentioned above, but the internet is still not working, you can create an Ethernet connection. This is because the Ethernet cable will cut out the interferences and is highly likely to streamline the internet connection. We are suggesting this because something could be wrong with the wireless connection of Spectrum. However, while you are using the Ethernet connection, make sure that the wires are in optimal condition and are tightly secured to the port.

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