Internet Disconnects Randomly For A Few Seconds (5 Fixes)

internet disconnects randomly for a few seconds
internet disconnects randomly for a few seconds

A high-speed and reliable internet connection is essential for people to browse and stream content without any hindrance. Still, it’s no secret that the internet is prone to connectivity issues, which is the same reason the “internet disconnects randomly for a few seconds” issue has become extremely common. To help you achieve a constant and high-speed internet connection, we are sharing some tried-and-tested solutions with you!

Internet Disconnects Randomly For A Few Seconds

1. Check The Devices

First of all, you need to check the devices and see how these devices are responding to the internet connection. This is because it’s essential to determine which devices are struggling with the disconnection issue. If every connected device has the same issues, there are high chances that the internet is down and needs to be rebooted – you can call your internet service provider to determine the internet connection’s status. On the other hand, if only a few devices are struggling with the connectivity issue, you need to perform a system update.

2. Internet Plan

Many internet users don’t pay heed to the fact that the internet plan can directly influence the signal strength and bandwidth. Some of the most common internet connection types include fiber optic, cable internet, and DSL. So, if you want unhindered internet connectivity, you can switch to a fiber-optic connection as it provides higher bandwidths and ultra-fast internet connection. However, using a fiber-optic internet connection requires a special infrastructure, which can be quite expensive.

3. Router

If you haven’t changed your internet router in ages, it’s time you invest in a new router but make sure the new router has advanced features. This is because which router you choose can directly influence the strength of the internet connection. The outdated routers have old wireless standards.

This leads to internet lagging and drops in internet connectivity. We suggest that you call the internet service provider and ask them to share which routers are compatible. On the other hand, if you don’t want to call customer support, just choose a router with 11ac standards.

4. Use Ethernet

In case you are unable to fix the internet drop and have something important to do, you can immediately shift to the Ethernet connection. This is because the Ethernet connection promises an uninterrupted and fast internet connection. In simpler words, an Ethernet connection is all you need to achieve a stable internet connection, as it prevents the chances of data packet loss during internet transmission.

5. Load

In various cases, people don’t realize how many devices are connected to the internet connection, but it’s important to remember that if too many devices are connected to the internet, it can result in internet drops. For this reason, you must reduce the number of connected devices to achieve a stable and faster internet connection. In addition to this, we suggest that you change the password of your wireless internet connection to make sure no unauthorized person uses your internet connection. Lastly, we suggest that you limit the internet-based activities to streamline the internet connection. For future reference, don’t give your internet password to just anyone.

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