D-Link Router Won’t Connect To Internet: 6 Fixes

d link router wont connect to internet
d link router wont connect to internet

Choosing the right router is crucial to ensure the wireless or wired network connectivity is streamlined. For this purpose, they choose the D-Link router because it has high-end features. However, the D-Link router won’t connect to the internet can be a cumbersome issue but you can follow the troubleshooting methods from this article!

D-Link Router Won’t Connect To Internet

1) Reboot

The first troubleshooting method is rebooting the router. This is because there might be something wrong with the configuration. The configuration issue can be easily fixed with the router reboot. With the reboot, the operating system will be cleared and it will not only improve the functionality but performance as well.

2) Internet Outage

You might not believe this but when there is an internet outage, the D-Link router won’t connect to the internet. It can happen if the internet is down. So, just open the social media handles of the internet service provider and see if they have notified about the internet outage. In addition, you can also choose the online service outage tools to see if the internet service is down. In either case, if the internet service, you have to wait until the internet connections are restored.

3) Devices

One way of fixing the D-Link router that won’t connect to the internet is by testing the internet connection on different devices. For instance, if you are using a laptop, you can try using the internet on a tablet or smartphone (they must be connected to the same wireless connection). So, if other devices work with the connection, you know that there is something wrong with the device that is using currently. If not, focus on the next troubleshooting method.

4) Ethernet Connection

If the D-Link router is not connecting to the wireless connection, choosing the ethernet connection is a better choice. So, if you have the ethernet cable available, you can use it to connect the router with your device. However, if you want seamless access to the internet connection, you must choose compatible and high-quality ethernet cables.

5) Equipment Issue

If you are still experiencing internet connectivity issues with the D-Link router, you must consider the fact that equipment might be the root cause (yes, in the first place). That being said, if you have an outdated router, it might not match with the new wireless standards, hence the internet connectivity issues. However, before you invest in a new router, you must check wireless standard information of the device.

In case you are a Windows user, you’ve to open the device manager and move to the network adapter option. From the network adapter tab, choose the wireless adapter and standard listing and see if it aligns with the router. So, if there are discrepancies in the standards, you have to buy a new router (it’s best to buy the latest one).

6) Internet Service Provider

If nothing seems to optimize the internet connectivity issues with the D-Link router, you must call your internet service provider. This is because there might be an issue at their end which is adversely impacting the network connectivity. So, best of luck!

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