HughesNet Gen 5 For Existing Customers

hughesnet gen 5 for existing customers
hughesnet gen 5 for existing customers

People living in rural areas usually report that there are no internet services available. However, you should note that this is the case with wired services only. This is exactly why satellite connections are available that you can use instead. These should work in most areas while also ensuring that the speed of your internet is kept stable.

However, the only downside to these connections is their speed is limited. The user has to purchase between different packages which will determine how fast their internet will work. Additionally, what the data limit on them will be. When it comes to choosing these services, HughesNet is one of the most popular recommendations that you can go for. Currently, their Gen 5 is the latest model that they have come up with.

HughesNet Gen 5 For Existing Customers

If you had already been using a satellite internet service from HughesNet. Then you should know about the 2-year agreement by them. Considering this, most people who want to upgrade their packages to the new Gen 5 might consider if the company has any options available for them. This is important because you cannot simply cancel your current connection and then upgrade to the latest one.

If you want to do this then you will have to be ready to pay the extra fee attached with cutting your connection. Talking about this, you should note that the company does have upgrade options available. You can check these from their official website. Keep in mind that the modem and satellite you are using currently also play an important role when upgrading your services.

Some models can simply start using the new Gen 5 connection without any issues. However, most routers have now become outdated and might not be able to utilize the new speeds. This is why your only option will be to upgrade your modem and satellite along with your package. Additionally, if you are having any trouble with finding the upgrade tab on HughesNet’s website then you can even contact their support team.

They will provide you with several options that you can choose between. As for people questioning why the new modem is expensive than the prior one. You should note that the Gen 5 modems now have Wi-Fi on them. Considering this, the user should be able to use their connection in their home easily. Alternatively, they can even share it with their friends and family. However, you do have to worry about the range when using the Wi-Fi services.

If you are wondering why someone would upgrade their connection to the new Gen 5. Then one of the best things about this new version is the added speed that you will get. Additionally, you will be provided with an additional 50 GB data limit for off-peak hours. These range between 2 am to 8 am and the connection will count the data being used in these timeframes separately. Aside from this, even if you run out of the data limit, only the speed of your connection will be reduced until the next month.

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