How To Install HughesNet Satellite Dish? Explained

how to install hughesnet satellite dish
how to install hughesnet satellite dish

Having an internet connection at your home has now become a necessity for most users. This is because of the features and eases it provides. Although, you should note that usually having a fast connection requires you to utilize fiber optic wiring. Talking about this, people who live in rural areas do not have access to this yet.

Additionally, some users cannot even get DSL services in their area. This is exactly why companies have come up with satellite internet connections that can be used instead. Subscribing to these will ensure that you are provided with a network through a satellite receiver. Though there are also some things that you need to consider when installing the device.

HughesNet Satellite Dish

HughesNet is one of the most popular satellite internet services that you can go for. They provide their users with 4 different packages that they can select between. These will determine both the data limit on your connection as well as its speed. Keep in mind that while the speed of your internet will not be as fast as optic wiring, the speed should be stable at all times.

Considering this, if you are interested in using their services then you can begin with selecting the package. The user will then have to agree to their loyalty program. This asks you to keep using the service for 2-years and if you want to stop using HughesNet then a fee will be included to cut your connection. Once all of this is done, the user can purchase a satellite dish and receiver from the company that needs to be installed.

How to Install HughesNet Satellite Dish

When it comes to installing the devices, you can simply ask the company to send in a person from their support. They will help you in installing the devices in the best location possible. However, in some cases, the user might not be able to find a person from their support. Alternatively, you might want to install the device on your own.

Talking about this, the process is quite easy and there are even steps mentioned in the manual that will help you out. The only thing that you need to look out for are the locations where you are installing the receiver as well as the satellite dish. These will determine how well your connection works and allow you to get the best speeds. It is usually recommended that you install the satellite on your roof where it can access signals without them being blocked by a wall or buildings.

As for the rotation of the satellite, you will have to move it around to find the best possible spot. You can loosen the screws on your dish’s base to freely move it around. The user can then run tests on their laptop or mobile to see which spot gets them the best speed. Finally, tightening the screws will ensure that the satellite dish stays in its spot and does not move around. Make sure that the screws are kept tight as heavy winds might spin your dish around.

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